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04 January, 2011

Am I the only one not nicking from Sainsburys?

There is a new Sainsburys said to be the biggest in the country which was I believe built especially to allow the Obese people to get through the isles to the cake counter faster, the previous store isles were only 6ft wide and restricted the access of at least two women I see there.

The new store has "Scan and Go", this allows you to scan each item as you put it into the trolley. Its a system I have used in other stores but here there is a slight difference. In other stores after shopping you hand the scanner to someone on the tills and then there is a chance the system will select you for a re-scan to ensure your not nicking too much.

With this new scan and go after shopping you put the scanner in its holder pay with your credit card and off you scarper.

Hold on, there are people I see in Sainsburys that I wouldn't trust with an empty bean can so I know darn well some of them will be scanning one bottle of Chardonnay and taking home 3 yet there is nothing to stop them.

You can even nick the good stuff, last week I went to the till with a bottle with a security tag on it and the woman said "I'll remove that for you" but didn't make any checks that I'd scanned it as she handed me the de-tagged bottle.

Am I the only one who isn't nicking like crazy from the store.

Are Sainsburys so gullible that they trust Mrs Slapper, in her lycra joggers and stained white t-shirt, to actually pay for the 5 bottles of Vodka in the trolley beside the ready meals and cream cakes.

There are so many scams you could pull with scan and go that they must be being carried out all the time. Yet it seems Sainsburys are quite happy to trust anyone with a Nectar card to pay for the shopping that they take home.

I feel left out if everyone else is getting their shopping for a fraction of the cost with scan and go, but no one told me how much I am allowed to nick, as an honest shopper I must be subsidising the nicking of others. That's just not on.

There must be a level of nicking that is expected on the scan and go which is being covered by profits so come on Sainsburys play the white man, tell the rest of us how much we can nick, I'm darned that I'm paying for Slapper's vodka every week!

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