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27 January, 2011

Yippee a Royal wedding!

Isn't it great news there is to be a Royal wedding, OK, its actually pretty crap boring news for most of us and I couldn't give a toss for so many reasons. But at least my other half is doing the take 3 days leave and get 11 off thing when the wedding is on.

Does anyone care who the guy marries and when, the Royal family are so detached from the real world and there is hardly a "United" Kingdom for them to rule over any more. Convert Buck House into flats for illegal immigrants and be done with it I say, or is that Treason or some such.

Still that said there is one country who are loving the wedding fever and that as usual is China. With such short notice they are having the 6year olds work flat out to make all the toot people buy, from cups and saucers, plates and mugs to the union flags, its all coming from china.
Even Royal Doulton and Wedgwood are made in the Far East now so they can't save the day for the UK either.

How did we ever get to this, a Royal wedding means lots of cash for China.

The other nagging question is why do people buy the toot. Its never going to be on Antiques Roadshow and unless your really sad its not something you put on the wall or in a display cabinet, it will be just too common.
That coupled with the fact that the £10 mug you buy, with a hand applied transfer, is worth £8 as soon as you buy it and resale value of 50pence if your lucky makes you wonder what the point is.

I have a Diana and Charles mug in the loft, mum bought one for each of us, its been in the loft ever since and will be there until I'm dead and someone chucks it out.
At a going rate of 99p plus £3 p&P its not even worth an Ebay listing.

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