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21 January, 2011

Will someone please fix the potholes PROPERLY!

As my other half drove to work yesterday in the newly fixed car the front wheel met one of the many potholes in the road and ended up with another huge dent. Luckily the tyre didn't blow and not being an alloy with a lot of carefully placed sledge hammer blows most of the dent came out.

But why do I bother to report potholes to the council when they only send out a man with a spadeful of tar which he stamps into the hole with his trainers knowing full well that his company will make a stonking great profit filling the same hole all year.

One pothole repair nearby lasted a mere 4 days before it had all come out again.
I suggested to the council that the best way to save money is to fix it properly once, rather than to bodge it 12 time each year but it seems to have no effect. I guess the department is either run but fuckwits or they get a back hander from the contractors, or both.

The Essex roads are falling apart and yet the council highways waste money week after week.
A lorry with a spadeful of tar fills one hole but ignore one 10m away because its not on the list, and remember the contractor makes far more when the council calls them out tomorrow for that one.

It really isn't rocket science, say it costs £100 to drive out and do one pothole, (its probably far more), they drive 40min get out lorry put tar into crumbling hole, stamp it in and off.
The repair lasts a maximum of 7 days takes a fortnight to get back to the top of the list and so it goes around. That's a whopping £1200+ for one pothole every year.

The other option, the lorry comes out, with a road drill, a roller and proper road mix. The repair cost £400 but is done for years. Then they move onto the next pothole 20m away and as they are already there it only cost £300. See council I've already saved £700 a year and I've only done two pothole!

PLEASE someone explain to the council this simple logic.
Because I'm pissed off with dented wheels and if I have to tell them again Ill bash it into them with my wheel fixing hammer.

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