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07 January, 2011

One Law For The Rich ..........

Its that time of year again when the bastard rich bankers who trashed most of our financial systems get their massive bonuses simply for being, well, bastard bankers.

Despite the government (run by millionaires remember) telling the banks that they should not give these huge sums of money to people who are really crooks in suits the banks are ignoring any new rules and laws and paying out anyway.

It would not be so bad if banks actually looked after customers, maybe paid us a little interest on our money or lent someone money for a house, but oh no, they are only in it for themselves now.

The line rolled out time and again that "if we don't pay them they will leave and go abroad" is getting pretty thin. Where are these abroad job that these bankers will just walk into, even if they existed outside the deranged minds of the bankers themselves how many employers would want a new member who left his last employer "because he refused to pay me £10million bonus".

Its obscene that these bankers get paid at all after the mess they have put the rest of us into, and yet when anyone tried to curb this injustice its just laughed off and the money gets paid.

The idiom one law for the rich and another for the poor was never truer than when it come to the mega rich bankers who see themselves above any laws.

There is only once small consolation, as the roads fall apart and litter mounts up as councils run out of money the rich might too dent a wheel on the 4x4 in a pothole as they drive past thumbing their noses as the rest of us.
Bastards !

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  1. I have a mate who is a banker. This year he tells me that he is getting a MUCH smaller bonus, to keep the government and us poor people happy. Oh yes, in addition to the bonus, he will also be getting an "annual, non-pensionable lump-sum," which coincidentally equates to the total bonus he might have expected had the government not intervened.

    So that's ok then. Nice to know the government has taken real, effective action!