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22 January, 2011

All disabled people are poor too?

In town today I was gob-smacked that the car park charge has gone up by an astonishing 90pence for 4 hours, that's gone up by not to.

I am sure there is some lefty green tree hugging reason the council will give, they want us to use public transport probably, but until they provide buses that don't smell of piss and dead people, run more than once an hour and don't take 4 times as long to get anywhere, I will still drive in.

I digress.
At lunch time we sat in a noodle bar about 500m from the car park looking out onto the main road. It was then that it hit me. Opposite the restaurant on the main road is disabled parking only and these parking bays are free. Why?

I am quite happy that a genuine disabled person should park a little closer to the town than most but why for free. Note I say genuine because those I saw parking seemed to walk up the hill without obvious disability.

It must be that disabled people are poor people. But if that is the case how is it that most of the cars parked there are newer than ours, and I recall last week watching a woman making a real cock-up of parking in the disabled bays in a new 4x4. So disabled can't all be poor.

So its an offence to discriminate against someone because of disability but it is perfectly acceptable to discriminate financially against me and everyone else without a disabled parking sticker, to the tune of at least £4.20 a morning.

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