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31 March, 2010

Election 2010

It is time for election fever, and today the deranged Scottish idiot tells the country "I will remain as P.M. even if there is a hung Parliament" (why am I not surprised ).

There really is no hope for us. If you vote for him (why would you) and his crack pot party they will get in, if you don't vote for them they will inevitably get in by declaring that they have made a new law whereby only votes for them count and anyone who objects will be declared a terrorist and arrested.

It really is a sad state of a nation when an unelected person is running the country saying that no one will ever remove him. That's dictatorship not a democracy.

Still the purpose of this entry is not to have another go at Gordon, because as everyone knows everything he does is "the right thing to do" , but rather this entry is to say, as its election time I am joining in with the spirit and from now on until voting day everything I write will be made up, exaggerated, spun, re-announced or just complete lies.

And if the press complaints commission wants to have a go at this blog, I say bring it on.

30 March, 2010

Climate Change Scientists

How very interesting, apparently 97% of climate change scientist agree that climate change is being caused by humans.

Let me ponder that for a moment, there is, or are, a group of scientists that have a job title of "climate change scientist" and they spend all day studying climate change I presume. I imagine a conversation between the 97% and a scientist in the 3% might be interesting, they can't both be right yet both are scientists and both are studying climate change and both say they are experts.

And this statistic, 97% is rather misleading we don't actually know what question they were asked. If the question was "your funding is coming to an end, do you agree that climate change is man made" you might get a different answer to "what do you think is causing climate change" . And lets face it how many of these "scientists" are going to say no its all natural, and suddenly find they no longer have a job.

The reassuring thing is that the scientist who fiddled the figures on climate change has been "cleared of all wrong doing", although hold on, oh I read he has been cleared by a group of ministers who are investigating.

So from that I can assume that he is guilty, we all know ministers are the least likely people to be able to recognise the truth.

26 March, 2010

The Glass Ceiling

Sometime this week there was a Business Woman of the year award, now if that isn't sexist I don't know what is, but it inevitably brought about comments on "the glass ceiling".

It seems that some women who can't get the promotions they want suddenly decide it is because of a glass ceiling and then go on and on about how they need to break through this ceiling. Typically having no regard for the devastation it will cause with shards of glass raining down upon everyone else as do this smashing.

Of course the glass ceiling exists only in the minds of the few who think they are better at their jobs than they actually are, and I recall a woman I used to work with going on about the glass ceiling, before she finally got promoted by accusing the boss of some kind of sexism and therefore getting promoted by foul means.

I am drifting from my point, the actual purpose of this entry to to say one thing. OK all you women who believe your are stuck under a glass ceiling, think of this.
One woman's ceiling is another mans floor. How long will it be once you get the other side of the glass that you start moaning that all the men below the glass ceiling keep looking up, through the glass, and commenting on the colour of your knickers.
Yea, you didn't think it through very well did you.

21 March, 2010

Nissan Electric Car

Nissan have announced that they are going to produce their new electric car in the UK. It will have a range of up to 100 miles and can be re-charged from a 13amp socket costing about £1 of electricity for every 38miles.

So far excellent, but I have covered electric cars before and still have the same concerns plus a few more.
If it cost £1 for 38 miles that means it must be taking about 8KWh so to charge for the 100 miles is about 24KWh. Your domestic 13amp plug will take about 3kw maximum so a total re-charge of your car will take about 8hours. That's not too bad is it, plug in overnight and your all set, unless of course you get up in the morning and see it needs a charge before work.

And hang on a minute, I have just seen the car will be ideal for urban driving and city and town dwellers.

I guess it would as long as the town and city dwelling people don't live in houses similar to those on the left. Or it they live in a nice new town house how many of those have a garage, an empty one. Remember even Christmas wreaths get stolen off doors in towns so who is going to leave an extension lead running out the house and down the street to charge the car over night. By morning the whole street will be hooked into your electricity.

My final question is how do you drive an electric car in winter. A petrol car has a heater as a bi-product of cooling the engine, an electric car will have to have an electric heater, say at least 1KW so there goes your 100 mile range down to say 60 if your lucky.

I don't expect to be buying an electric car any time soon, what I am buying is a tow truck, there will be a fortune to be made towing electric cars to a power socket.

18 March, 2010

4 x 4 Drivers are mostly mad !

What is it about people who drive 4x4 vehicles that turns a lot of them into total twits.
On Saturday I was driving alone the A12 at 70mph in lane 2 of a 2 lane section when some idiot in her mega huge 4x4 range rover decided that the stopping distance at 70mph is a mere 6 feet (see above, one of my passengers took a photo of her and posted it on twitter, which being a twit is the place she should be). For some reason 4x4 drivers seem to think that because they cause twice as much pollution they have the right to do as they please. The sad thing is there are no cops about to stop them so until they crash they get away with it.

Earlier today I was walking along a pavement when an elderly 4x4 driver decided he wanted to post a letter. Yes, unbelievably he drove along the pavement and stopped along side the post box. You also notice that its alongside the zig zags of a pedestrian crossing too.

In case you can't see the index number its C6PWG which must stand for something so he is one of those other kind of motoring twits as well , one who buys a number plate. The other car blocking the pavement is a Volvo, so that says it all about him doesn't it.

We used to have a saying about Volvo drivers but this blog is not listed under adult content so I won't go into it here.

08 March, 2010

SPAM Email

For some reason my email spam in-box is being hit everyday with more and more rubbish trying to sell me drugs. It used to be just Viagra and grow your own penis type dross but now it seems to be more and more "buy prescription drugs", "24hr online pharmacy in Canada" and other things that I have no interest in.

What is the point of spam email, is there anyone who sees "Get a bigger penis in 7 days" and thinks yeah that must be real I will send for that. And as for "discount Viagra direct to you in 24hr" from Toxic and Poison Chemists Ltd. is anyone going to do anything other than hit delete.

What is the point of sending spam mails, who benefits, that's is a serious question, if you know the answer please hit the comment button.

Why can't spam be useful, image if you got "we deliver milk in 20 mins 24hr a day" or "run out of bread, call now", then maybe we would all be hitting "reply".

07 March, 2010

Jon Venables - It's not news!

I was in the gym last week, if you remember that is where I see SKY News but don't hear it because I am plugged into my Ipod, the breaking news was all about a 17yr old murder.
It was obviously a slow news day and as I was running Sky were busy interviewing some retired detective, retired solicitor and showing 17yr old video footage of an image that could be anyone but we are told was James Bulger.

So what was the amazing breaking news, it was that Jon Venables had committed a crime while on probation and was going back too prison. Yes that's news, but it has nothing much to do with the murder 17ys ago or anything to do with the detectives etc.

Today this news is still running, oh please, the mother of James going on and on about how she should be told what is going on. Why? What has it got to do with her. She has had "sleepless nights" over her sons killer going back to prison, again why?

Venables went to prison for the murder of her son, she has no other rights over the life of Venables, but she seems to think that she should be told about the latest crime, how that would change her life I fail to see, if she was losing sleep because he was out of prison I could understand.

Yet again the media is manufacturing news that is so irrelevant as to have no meaning.

Still it gives me something to woffle about doesn't it.

04 March, 2010

Ashcroft didn't pay his tax - yeah whatever!

You would never guess that there is an election coming up.
Political parties acting like a bunch of 10yr olds "my dad could beat your dad any day" " your mums fat" " so what you sister looks like a monkey and you smell". Seriously, that's all they are doing isn't it, throwing stupid insults at each other hoping that they find one that the whole country will join in with. There are plenty of Sun and Mirror readers who will, but the rest of us are educated enough to see the truth.

The latest nar-nar-nee-nar-nar from the Labour party is that Lord Ashcroft didn't pay his tax to Gordon, so Gordon couldn't waste it with the other £800 billion he has lost in the last year.
OK so maybe someone on planet earth thinks this is important but to call it a "critical piece of information that Parliament and the people of the country needed to know" is taking it way too far.

I was concerned at the weekend when reading in the times that the latest poll had Labour winning the next election, I don't think I or the country could stand another 4years of the bullying indecisive idiot PM we have at the moment, but look at the alternatives and you have to wonder whether we would all be better off voting for Terry Wogan.

The lesson to be taken from Lord Ashcroft is that there are ways out there that you can keep from paying tax, the critical piece of information we need to know is HOW?

03 March, 2010 - Those who bought this also ....

I was on the other day, nothing unusual there, a lot of things are so much cheaper on the internet so I often shop via Amazon.
I was looking for a coffee machine, which I decided not to buy because I would need to drink about 10 cups a day to justify spending that much on a machine. While I was on Amazon I noticed the "other people who bought this also viewed" section. I can only ask what is the point of it. Apparently other people who spent too much on a coffee machine also bought a blue ray disc players. Good for them but what the flippin heck it has to do with me I don't know.

I was on Amazon again today looking for a specific type of printer paper which is about a quarter the price on line as it is in any local store, the other people bought section told me that people also viewed digital cameras, sorry, but why would I care what someone else viewed after buying something.

That is unless Amazon gets really clever and starts saying that when Esssexblogger bought a coffee machine he also viewed the share price index timesonline and then spent 10 minutes on porn sites, then I will start to worry.