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04 March, 2010

Ashcroft didn't pay his tax - yeah whatever!

You would never guess that there is an election coming up.
Political parties acting like a bunch of 10yr olds "my dad could beat your dad any day" " your mums fat" " so what you sister looks like a monkey and you smell". Seriously, that's all they are doing isn't it, throwing stupid insults at each other hoping that they find one that the whole country will join in with. There are plenty of Sun and Mirror readers who will, but the rest of us are educated enough to see the truth.

The latest nar-nar-nee-nar-nar from the Labour party is that Lord Ashcroft didn't pay his tax to Gordon, so Gordon couldn't waste it with the other £800 billion he has lost in the last year.
OK so maybe someone on planet earth thinks this is important but to call it a "critical piece of information that Parliament and the people of the country needed to know" is taking it way too far.

I was concerned at the weekend when reading in the times that the latest poll had Labour winning the next election, I don't think I or the country could stand another 4years of the bullying indecisive idiot PM we have at the moment, but look at the alternatives and you have to wonder whether we would all be better off voting for Terry Wogan.

The lesson to be taken from Lord Ashcroft is that there are ways out there that you can keep from paying tax, the critical piece of information we need to know is HOW?

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