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28 July, 2011

Why do people need a f*****g dog?

Where I live every other house has a dog. There is one deranged woman not so far away who has ten dogs. No really, ten Labradors so she can single handedly foul a whole road in one walkies.

Dog owners fall into two categories, those that care about people and animals and those that only car about animals. Take for example a woman near me, she has two small yapping dogs, I have no idea what make so lets just call then shiatsus or shits for short.
You see this woman is not right in the head and thinks that it is perfectly acceptable to let the dogs out to yap and bark any time of the day or night.
What right has this demented twit of a woman to value her shits needs above those of everyone around her. She sits in her garden with the two shits going mental and ignores it, or occasionally might throw something for them to chase and fight over. Needless to say her garden is basically a huge pile of dog turds and when she opens her door if I'm at the bottom of my garden the smell, well really how can anyone live like that.

I know people say its company for her, really, well if the only company she can find in the world is from two animals I'll happily find her a rope.

Then there is the other bunch of dog owners around here who are quite obviously out 6 days a week so the mut is left to yap nonstop from 7am to 9pm. Why have they got them, what is the point.

Which brings me onto "status" dogs. Yes there are plenty of those around here. Quite often the owner has two of these so that they can be sure to barge everyone else off of the pavement. Or the other group of local oiks who let their kids take the status dogs over the park where they are teaching them to fight and scare the hell out of anyone who tries to walk to path there.

There is no reason to keep a dog as a pet, why cant they get a goldfish a hamster or a spider, anything that doesn't keep disturbing the neighbors.

What is it with the obsession for bloody dogs. Someone please explain!

London 2012

Its a year to the London 2010 Olympics and for some reason this is something to celebrate. Really!
Am I the only person who can't understand the hype, the only person who wonders why a bunch of rich and famous get to throw themselves a "year to go" party at the tax payers expense and the only person who actually doesn't give a stuff who wins what at the world most expensive sports day.

You have to wonder how much the boss of the Olympic delivery authority is making from all this and how much the bloody "lord " Coe is stashing away.

The country is falling to bits, hospitals, school,the police, road, council services and everything else is being cut, yet the Olympics are "set in stone" and nothing is being spared to ensure they go ahead.

We have to remember that this is not for the good of the country, its for the glorification of a few huge ego rich people, and so certain drinks companies, fast food outlets etc can have sole rights and make a massive profit.One minute we are all told to save the planet the next we are going to have a massive gas flame burning for no reason continually for weeks.

Lets not forget that the Olympic people have also threatened to sue anyone who puts on an event with "2012" in the title, yes thats right they say that 2012 is now so connected with the Olympics that no one else must be allowed to use it to over-shadow them.

Still there is one thing left that might save the day, they are looking for an exciting way to light the Olympic torch. Maybe set light to Coe and make him run into the torch.

All those in favour.

22 July, 2011

Underprivileged Children

There was an article on the news today about a scheme to get underprivileged children out sailing on the Gypsie Moth, and a couple of days ago was a story of how a load of underprivileged kids are off to the seaside, then there is the activity camp for underprivileged and the football club that runs training sessions for the underprivileged children in the area .

Hold up, whats going on here. I am sure that a lot of kids would love to sail on a famous boat or train with the local football team, but their problem is they are just plain old standard privileged, whatever that means.

So where does someone stop being standard privileged and become under, I expect its when they aren't able to sail in famous boats and train with the local team. Yes?

21 July, 2011

Smart Meters - Whats the point?

The latest buzz phrase in Eco electricity seems to be "Smart Meters" and apparently energy suppliers have got to spend billions on fitting every home with one by some arbitrary date in the future. My energy supplier will give me 5pence a decade off now if I have one fitted. But what are they?

Well according to Southern Electric fitting one will let me :-

PLAN my energy use to suit me
TRACK how much energy I've saved
SAVE money by cutting my bills

Excellent I must look closer, how will it do this.

The short answer is that it won't make a scrap of difference to me or probably anyone else and lets see why.

The smart meter shows how much electricity you are using at any given time, how much you have used over a period of time, a daily, weekly, monthly average, peak use and so on. Fantastic!?
Um, not really I don't see how any of that allows me to for example "Plan my energy use" or come to that "Save money by cutting bills" and it is information I already know isn't it.

For example say its a winters evening and I am cooking dinner, I have the oven on and a light in the kitchen. How does this meter save me money, the oven uses whatever electricity it needs to cook at 180 and the light uses say 60w. I can't change anything, I cant save anything, I can't plan anything.

After eating dinner, by candlelight because I am scared the meter is watching me if I put a light on, I decide to watch TV. I don't need a smart meter to know that the TV will use 102W, I know this because a smart man stuck a label on it and I can read. So the TV is on and I risk having a light on in the room at the same time. Again whats the point of the smart meter, how do I "Plan" my energy use, how do I "cut bills"?

I must be missing something, the government wouldn't make electricity suppliers put up our bills in order to fit a useless device would they. No don't answer that.

The only way a smart meter can save us money is if we turn everything off and sit and watch the smart meter by torch light.

I really must be missing something. Someone from an energy company please send me a comment and explain how this will work. Ta.

16 July, 2011

News of the World Phone Hacking - Who Cares

I can't be the only person who thinks the hacking fiasco has gone out of control, am I ?

I mean as Europe is in financial meltdown the House of Commons is spending hours going on and on about which dead person might have had their phone hacked and which celeb or one-eyed Scottish idiot might have been listened in on.

Its pathetic isn't it, for a start does it matter a fig when someone is dead who hears their voice mail for the simple reason, oh yes they are dead and wont give a hoot.

But the most annoying thing about all this nothing is that bloody bloke Milliband spouting about it for hours. Its not "disgusting" or "repulsive" that someone's phone is hacked, its even less so if they are dead. Its just rather stupid, possibly anoying and maybe some obscure crime.

Is it because GCHQ didn't realise that it was so easy to listen to peoples messages and had spent billions on unnecessary computers.

Hands up who actually cares, no go on please, tell me someone other than the plonkers in government really thinks its important. I mean for heavens sake if you want to hear a living persons phone calls just sit on a train and you will soon realise that most people talk more rubbish on the phone that I could ever write on my blog.

Yet as this fiasco goes on now we have to have the FBI getting in on the act saying some dead person in 9/11 might have been "hacked". Well actually I reckon phone hacking was the last of their problems.

Final thought on this, we keep hearing how distressing it is for the families of the dead involved, I ask this, why the hell did they have to be told. Oh yes so someone could write in a paper how distressing it was for them.

My advice , get over it, its so not important!

06 July, 2011

The Great Energy Stitch-Up

I received a letter from my energy supplier saying that my tariff ended and I am now transferred to their standard on-line tariff. Lucky me.
I immediately logged into my account and checked out what this means to the bills. After picking myself up off the floor I phoned Southern Electric.

According to customer services they can't introduce any new discount tariff similar to my last because there is a government inquiry into something. Yeah? really? sounds like a good govt we have here, helping the people as always. I questioned the ending of my tariff and what I would have to pay in future, oh good its just a mere increase of 65% on gas and 79% on electricity.

Hold on, I thought inflation was 4%, in the dream world of government statistics it is, but with one short letter our gas and electricity prices can sky rocket. That bloody Margaret Thatcher has so much to answer for.

Gas and Electricity prices are for some inexplicable reason linked to the price of oil. What about wind farms popping up all over the place providing "green" power, do they really use that much oil to lubricate it that it effects the price there too, it seems so.

Its obviously a profit scam and its amazing we all sit back and accept it.

I hit the www in search of a better deal, but without stretching this point too far there aren't any. Every price is the same no matter how they show it, and if you fix you don't gain, you just pay more to start with so that any saving on possible increases is wiped out. There is another problem in the UK, every rich Eco goodie goodie who sticks solar cells on his roof is costing the rest of us money, for every unit he generates we have to pay him 43 pence for the next 25yrs. even if he uses it himself. Fantastic, the rich get richer again.

A price that goes up with the price of oil (and never comes back down) and now takes into account the rising number of solar cell owners who want more and more money from the rest of us.

So basically we are screwed, change suppliers as much as you like and work your way through the multitude of plans available you will pay around the same amount over time and it will only go up!

I'm Back!

Its been a while and so much has happened that has gone un-blogged so here I am.
I have loads of excuses that I won't go into Ill just press on with catching up, but where to start, maybe points from the news:-

Phone Hacking - AKA please grieve more!
Its all over the news and even government is going on about it, news papers have been hacking into phones. It seems that the most outrage is against people who hacked dead peoples phones and the news is delighting in headlines such as "relatives of ..... have been subjected to further anguish" etc.
Last night some news station sent a reporter to stand in the rain in Soham to harp on about phone hacking in 2002. Apparently all this is very distressing for the parents and relatives of the dead. Ok, easy question, why are they doing it.
What possible reason is there for police or reporters to contact people about something that happened 9yrs ago. The dead are still dead, the hacking had nothing to do with the murders. The same goes for the London bombing victims and the hacking of phones there, what is the point of investigating it and contacting relatives.
Its not news and I have to wonder why the police are spending so much time on it when they are supposed to be suffering from cutbacks and lack of manpower. Dealing with crime occurring now would be a better use of resources. NO ?

Gypsy Scum - Outside the law again?
Near Basildon in Essex UK there is a huge site that has been taken over by gypsy scum.
To keep the story short they are there illegally and the council want to move them on. The Scum have said people will die if they try to move them on and they are obviously in possession of illegal weapons and are setting up barricades of gas cylinders.
Why do I mention this, well because its going to cost tax payers over £10million to move them on when it occurs to me that we have an army for this and should not be using the police and council. One tank a flame thrower and a napalm strike, problem solved.
And that leaves I about £9million to be spent on something more useful.

Nuclear Power Stations
I live close to an old nuclear power station which will hopefully soon be re-built.
There is a group of local old gits running a group called BANNG (Bradwell against new nuclear group) which is headed by a self appointed expert on saving the world who will say anything to stop nuclear power and who must be spinning in their graves, oh sorry they just look dead, with the news that the government is going ahead with new nuclear power in the UK.
The thing is there is no cleaner cheaper or dare I say it greener form of electricity available. The tree hugging unwashed anti nuclear groups are now harping on about the Japan earthquake and the destruction of ohfukisdisintegrated power station, but seem to forget that Essex is not likely to have an earthquake that massive.

So before the lights go out lets hope the new stations are built and up and running, because I for one don't want to go back to living in dark unheated homes and living on stale bread.