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28 July, 2011

Why do people need a f*****g dog?

Where I live every other house has a dog. There is one deranged woman not so far away who has ten dogs. No really, ten Labradors so she can single handedly foul a whole road in one walkies.

Dog owners fall into two categories, those that care about people and animals and those that only car about animals. Take for example a woman near me, she has two small yapping dogs, I have no idea what make so lets just call then shiatsus or shits for short.
You see this woman is not right in the head and thinks that it is perfectly acceptable to let the dogs out to yap and bark any time of the day or night.
What right has this demented twit of a woman to value her shits needs above those of everyone around her. She sits in her garden with the two shits going mental and ignores it, or occasionally might throw something for them to chase and fight over. Needless to say her garden is basically a huge pile of dog turds and when she opens her door if I'm at the bottom of my garden the smell, well really how can anyone live like that.

I know people say its company for her, really, well if the only company she can find in the world is from two animals I'll happily find her a rope.

Then there is the other bunch of dog owners around here who are quite obviously out 6 days a week so the mut is left to yap nonstop from 7am to 9pm. Why have they got them, what is the point.

Which brings me onto "status" dogs. Yes there are plenty of those around here. Quite often the owner has two of these so that they can be sure to barge everyone else off of the pavement. Or the other group of local oiks who let their kids take the status dogs over the park where they are teaching them to fight and scare the hell out of anyone who tries to walk to path there.

There is no reason to keep a dog as a pet, why cant they get a goldfish a hamster or a spider, anything that doesn't keep disturbing the neighbors.

What is it with the obsession for bloody dogs. Someone please explain!

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  1. I have to agree with you regarding dogs. I love them but...most people who own them have no common sense or respect for those around them. We lived where there were 3 yapping dogs (dawn to dusk) in a twenty foot area. To me, that's animal cruelty! It's not the animals fault but truly the owner. There should be a special tax put on animal ownership because the laws don't work!! I say, get a recording of the said barker and turn up the volume at 8PM on!