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16 July, 2011

News of the World Phone Hacking - Who Cares

I can't be the only person who thinks the hacking fiasco has gone out of control, am I ?

I mean as Europe is in financial meltdown the House of Commons is spending hours going on and on about which dead person might have had their phone hacked and which celeb or one-eyed Scottish idiot might have been listened in on.

Its pathetic isn't it, for a start does it matter a fig when someone is dead who hears their voice mail for the simple reason, oh yes they are dead and wont give a hoot.

But the most annoying thing about all this nothing is that bloody bloke Milliband spouting about it for hours. Its not "disgusting" or "repulsive" that someone's phone is hacked, its even less so if they are dead. Its just rather stupid, possibly anoying and maybe some obscure crime.

Is it because GCHQ didn't realise that it was so easy to listen to peoples messages and had spent billions on unnecessary computers.

Hands up who actually cares, no go on please, tell me someone other than the plonkers in government really thinks its important. I mean for heavens sake if you want to hear a living persons phone calls just sit on a train and you will soon realise that most people talk more rubbish on the phone that I could ever write on my blog.

Yet as this fiasco goes on now we have to have the FBI getting in on the act saying some dead person in 9/11 might have been "hacked". Well actually I reckon phone hacking was the last of their problems.

Final thought on this, we keep hearing how distressing it is for the families of the dead involved, I ask this, why the hell did they have to be told. Oh yes so someone could write in a paper how distressing it was for them.

My advice , get over it, its so not important!

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