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23 November, 2010

The Irish Rescue Explained

There is so much fuss about the state of Ireland and its all rather baffling.
The good news is that the people in charge of both Ireland and this country have no better idea about things than you or I. How else can you explain where the worlds money has vanished to.

Still, Im here to help those who are even more confused than myself with a few points on this most perplexing issue.

First of all remember than the UK plc is pretty much broke and so the money that we are giving, opps I meant loosing, nope type slower, l o a n ing to Ireland is actually being borrowed from, um who knows where. But the good thing is that the UK is borrowing at only 3% and will charge Ireland 5% so when they don't pay us back we wont have made 2%.

It gets better, apparently we have to give Ireland the money because banks like RBS have a lot of business there and as we all know RBS are a real asset if you want to squander a few billion of tax payers money on the false hope you might get £50 back some day.

Next apparently is that Northern Ireland is part of the UK and would lose out if Ireland went bankrupt.

Yes, this is all getting boring and confusing so let me put it a simpler way.

Imagine your a shop keeper, you have lots of customers, the best way to increase your taking is to borrow about £7billion pounds and give it to your customers to spend. That way you are guaranteed to take £7 billion on the tills.

Well thats the plan, unfortunately in reality the customers will most likely piss off with the money and buy from a cheaper store or waste it on booze and fags.

21 November, 2010

The Dr. knows best. Yeah Right!

The local G.P. Surgery is long overdue a re-build but things being as they are around here the old locals have managed to object to every suggested location and option over the last 12yrs so now the country has gone into recession the cash for it has been somehow lost.
This means that the tumbled down old building is to be re-jigged, subject to the local old gits not blocking that too.

The trouble is that even if we have a new building we are still stuck with the same doctors, and I have to suggest that not all are as good as they should be.

On on occasion, I think I wrote about it, the Dr spent longer telling me that I should not be seeing them because I was registered with another one, then went on to moan about seeing 40 people every day. Poor you I thought, for only £120k a year you would be better off leaving and working in Tesco for £20k wouldn't you.

But as ever I digress from the point of what was to be a short entry.

I have an elderly relative who has suffered from a painful skin conditions on her legs for many years. For these many years she has been using a substance called Aqueous Cream after being told to by a Doctor. Strangely her skin condition has never got better but she rubs in the cream as told.

This year there was a discovery that one of the worst things to rub into you skin is Aqueus Cream as it contains a substance called sodium lauryl sulphate (worryingly found in almost all soaps and even toothpaste) which was first used as an industrial de-greaser. This has been found to badly thin the skin and of course make skin conditions worse.

I passed the information on to my elderly aunt, who took the attitude "Ive been using it for years for my legs so it cant be bad" . Exactly! you have used it for years your skin is no better so its obviously not good is it.

Anyway this blog is getting unnecessarily long so to cut to the chase.
The elderly aunt went to the Dr and said my nephew tells me this cream is bad for my legs, to which the Dr. replies "that's nonsense".
Its good to hear that he was open to discussion, oh and also that he reads medical publications and recommendations from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence who have recommended that it not be prescribed for skin conditions.

If you need to know more