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14 February, 2014

Climate Change - The Mad Scientists Take Over

We all spot the nutter walking down the street, shouting at lamp posts or yelling that "the end of the world is nigh" or telling himself jokes and then laughing for ages.
But what about the other kind of nutter, the one who has gained respectability, the ones that people listen to and believed, whos opinions make the papers, tv and radio. I am talking about those people who become so obsessed with their own theories and research that they can never believe anyone else can be right. People who spend their whole life proving their theories are right, never considering another option, people who become scientists and PROFESSORS.
A strange title and more often than not the people who obtain it seem to go completely off the rails. There is the old saying "to learn more and more about less and less, until you know absolutely everything, about nothing", basically saying that as they study they lose perspective on the "wider picture" to use management speak.
We have a local retired guy here who still uses his title professor whenever he is spouting nonsence in the papers, retired means he is no longer a professor I believe, or am I missing something and should be using my old work title on the blog to give it more authority.
A professor on TV the other day looked like he hadn't had a wash in a year and never seen a razor and was so obviously living on planet Zob that I expected him to starts singing in a Spike Milligan voice. They are all completely gaga the only difference from the guy walking down the street laughing at himself is title Professor or scientist.
It's been a tad wet and windy in the UK of late and rather dry and hot in other places in the world, which according to various Professors means CLIMATE CHANGE, they don't call it global warming now because too many people though that would be rather nice in the UK.
No matter what other views there are in the world Climate Change is now real because the professors say so and not only is it real there is no doubt at all that its all caused by man.
Please at this point ignore the blindingly obvious fact that after the last ice age there were no industries pumping out CO2 or fields of beef cattle farting too much. Believe the Professors and mad scientists because they are right, they tell us so. Oh and if you don't agree you are a climate change skeptic or worse still denier.
It wouldn't be so bad if all these mad scientists were doing was costing us a bit in tax on all the GREEN and ECO nonsence that government tax us on but now we are in serious trouble.
This Is The Scary Bit
There are at least two schemes that are being considered and maybe even implemented (please god no) that should scare everyone.
Number 1 bad idea - To spray salt water high into the sky to make clouds and reduce global warming.
Number 2 bad idea - To spray week sulphuric acid high into the atmosphere.
So the acid rain we have already is that caused because they have started idea 2 ? and is all the extra rain in the UK because they have started idea 1?
Who knows, but if the mad scientists are allowed to risk totally destroying the world by playing with the weather then perhaps next time I see the mad guy in town I will give him a fiver and a friendly smile, because at least his can of extra strength larger won't destroy the planet.

13 February, 2014

Don't Pay That Parking "Fine" its possibly just an Invoice.

An article I read the other day said a well known supermarket (with blue and white bags) was going to start dishing out "fines" to anyone without children who park in the parent and child bays.
After asking "why the heck should people with children get priority parking when a lot of both the children and parents need the exercise" there is also the questions what right have they got to impose the "fine" and what right has the DVLA to sell our details to anyone calling themselves a parking firm?

Thankfully the DVLA question is now (Feb 2014) being raised in parliament but the others I am interested in here.

When you park on private land with notices saying - so long free, parent only, shoppers only, and if you overstay or forget to bring the 2yo out with you or park too close to an imaginary line only a parking attendant can see, you agree to pay £100 etc etc, what you are doing is entering into a contract with the owner of the land. So if you park for 121minutes or only had the dog with you not little Madaline you have breached a contract, not broken any laws.
The notice that is placed upon your car in a private car park or sent to you through the post by one of the CCTV controled supermarket carparks is not a fine notice, it will do everything it can to look like one, which can in some circumstances be an offence in itself, but it is an invoice. BIG DIFFERENCE.
Unless it is issued by the police or a local authority its an invoice so feel free to chuck it in the bin and ignore it, all you actually do is break your contract over parking. You don't commit a crime.
There are masses of contract laws that apply in the UK but all I need to say is this, if you break a contract the person who you had the contract with can seek to claim back their losses.
Not a massive unreasonable sum like £100 just their losses.
For example if you overstayed in a shop car park and there were 100 other spaces free at the time they would be hard pressed to say they had lost anything.
If you got the ticket because you parked accross 2 bays and you did it for say 2 hours and parking is £1 an hour their losses are £2 not £100. So offer them £4 and say thats all they are getting.
If you parked in a parents bay without the kids their losses are probably diddly squat.
There have been some brilliant cases recently where the company patroling the private car park was not even being employed by the land owner, those invoices can go straight in the bin. Oh hang on they all can.
The Government mistakenly passed a law in 2012 requiring the owner of a car to tell the scumbag parking people who was the driver but after you have complied with that bit you are done.
The reason why the private land parking industry is taking £50,000,000 a year off of drivers is because people have let them.
They can't put a marker on your credit rating, they can't send in the bailiff unless a court has heard the case and ruled against you and they cant clamp your car. If the person writing the ticket sees you and asks you anything you dont have to say a word.
Although if I am ever ticketed for parking in a parent and child bay I shall be informing the person issuing it that I do indeed have children with me, they are in the boot, and no I am not opening it because they might escape.
Fixing your number plates with velcro and removing them in private car parks is another way to defeat these scumbags, I mean companies, come to think of it with no police on the roads maybe just ditch the plates completely?!
If everyone told these companies 'see you in court' they would rapidly go out of business and the sooner that happens the better!
More information can be obtained here

11 February, 2014

The Great British Carrier Bag Scam

I wrote about the governments obsession with plastic bags all the way back in 2008 (political sketch ) it seems that the politicians are still at it.
Interestingly the mega tides we had recently left hundreds of plastic bottles at the new high tide mark on the marshes but I couldn't see a single carrier bag, still the campaigners and government tell us that we need to pay for our bags to protect the sea life.

From next year we are all to pay for them no doubt putting people who work at carrier bag manufactures out of a job.
Another group of mad do gooders want the charge to apply to paper bags as well, and to all shops even when you pick up your takeaway and they put all those individial dishes into a bag for you.

It will start at 10p then probably go to 15p and before we know it be £1 a bag as the Government spouts piffle that the money raised is going to charity, as if any sane person believes that, or that charities actually do anyone any good except for the people running them.

Its a tax, its nothing else. Saving the planet by paying for a paper bag yet at the same time allowing the Royal Mail to fill everyones recycling sack with a ton of useless junk mail a week.
Have you ever seen an animal stuck in a paper bag? We have a group of politicians who in the main couldnt fight their way out of a wet one, but honestly someone inject some sense into this country and call a halt to this stupidity.

If some good is to be achieved then put a 50pence deposit on all plastic bottles and cans, that will achieve far more, in Canada they have a return value on all plastic bottles and drinks cans so even the tramps go around collecting them in shopping trolleys and you never see them littering the streets.

It will be fun in the supermarket when I decline to pay the carrier bag tax and start taking 4 items off of the belt at a time to the car, I think they will give me free bags then.

07 February, 2014

Inflation - The self fulfilling prophesy

I wrote a few days ago that I am unfortunate, I have a phone contract with O2, well I say phone contract its more of the CON as there are hardly any places here that I can use the phone, so after their second hike in prices I decided enough was enough and phoned the customer services to ask how I cancel my contract.
I gave up after I couldn't stand the music on hold any longer but I did get through with the online chat thingy.
The guy I got through to told me how wonderful O2 are and how they provide the best service to customers and all the usual guff that call centre staff have to say then he went on to really annoy me. He kept saying that O2 have to put up their prices because of inflation because everything is going up.

No one seems to be asking this question so I will, Everything is going up because of inflation, but what is causing inflation? Oh yes that will be everything going up in price, yes ?
Lets ask another way, wages aren't going up (unless you are a politician then feel freee to have 11%) so if wages aren't going up it follows that manufacturing costs aren't going up either...... I hear someone shout its the cost of materials that has gone up. Why? They are made/extracted/developed/grown by people whoaren't getting paid any more than they were. So the cost of materials is going up because of what, inflation? Its a circle of events and nothing is putting the prices up so where does inflation come from?
The answer is so simple . Inflation is caused by big companies putting prices up because they have to because of inflation, inflation which is caused by them putting prices up because of inflation, inflation which is caused by them putting prices up because of inflation, inflation which is caused by them putting prices up because of inflation, inflation which is caused by them putting prices up because of inflation, inflation which is caused by them putting prices up because of inflation, inflation which is caused by them putting prices up because of inflation, inflation which is caused by them putting prices up because of inflation which.............

(commas and punctuation may be added or moved in the above until you are happy with the way it reads. I tried but gave up)

01 February, 2014

You are better off in an association. Join SCA now!

It seems that everyone on the news is from an association or federation of some kind, the federation of small businesses the association of pipe fitters or the association of old ladies who bake bread.
The people who turn up to be interviewed sit in the studio saying things like "our members tell us that....." or "We want government to recognise that our members ...... ", but when you start looking at some of these associations/federations you realise that what they actually do is often obscure.
One group I looked into states as its main aim "giving our members a voice" whatever that means.
One thing that these groups have in common is that they take money from their "members" and have a jolly nice time on it.
Some associations take a percentage of turnover of its members to pay their executives huge salaries and bonuses, with annual incomes of millions they actually produce nothing, just providing the "platform for its members" or "representing them" to or at or in someplace.
It has to be the easiest way to make money, yet people and businesses join, scared that if they are the only people in a particular sector not in its federation they will miss out on whatever there could one day be, they might be paying a million a year but it will all be worth it one day, perhaps,maybe.
Some Associations have the decency to put in their title that it is all a bit dodgy, take for example The CONfederation of British Industry (CBI) now thats clever, tell people its a con so if they ever realise you do nothing but get rich off them you are covered.
Today is your big chance to be part of a new massive association, join now and tell everyone you have.
The exciting Send Currency Association membership (SCAm) is for everyone.
As an organisation we promise to not only give our members a voice and a platform but also a big window sticker and a badge.
Our motto "We Care So You Don't Have To" means that once you are part of SCA membership you can go through life safe and happy in the knowledge that no matter what happens we will be looking out for our best interests. Whether it is giving you a voice at our 3 month long winter conference in Florida or taking the platform for you at the all summer meetings in the Algarve, we do it all.
Sign over just 5% of your salary, or £5000, whichever is the greater, for full annual membership and you instantly have the right to wear the badge, display the window stickers and say that you are part of the Association, ensure that you are never left out again and JOIN NOW.
As an an association we negotiate, represent and demand on your behalf whenever matters affecting SCA members come to our attention.
Its important that you join, those who decide not to will be left out when the big happening happens, as everyone knows inclusion in the modern world is everything.
Membership is not limited to humans, contact us for information on our pet and deceased person membership rates.
Terms and conditions apply.
Membership is conditional upon contiuned payments.
The Association is not responsible.