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01 February, 2014

You are better off in an association. Join SCA now!

It seems that everyone on the news is from an association or federation of some kind, the federation of small businesses the association of pipe fitters or the association of old ladies who bake bread.
The people who turn up to be interviewed sit in the studio saying things like "our members tell us that....." or "We want government to recognise that our members ...... ", but when you start looking at some of these associations/federations you realise that what they actually do is often obscure.
One group I looked into states as its main aim "giving our members a voice" whatever that means.
One thing that these groups have in common is that they take money from their "members" and have a jolly nice time on it.
Some associations take a percentage of turnover of its members to pay their executives huge salaries and bonuses, with annual incomes of millions they actually produce nothing, just providing the "platform for its members" or "representing them" to or at or in someplace.
It has to be the easiest way to make money, yet people and businesses join, scared that if they are the only people in a particular sector not in its federation they will miss out on whatever there could one day be, they might be paying a million a year but it will all be worth it one day, perhaps,maybe.
Some Associations have the decency to put in their title that it is all a bit dodgy, take for example The CONfederation of British Industry (CBI) now thats clever, tell people its a con so if they ever realise you do nothing but get rich off them you are covered.
Today is your big chance to be part of a new massive association, join now and tell everyone you have.
The exciting Send Currency Association membership (SCAm) is for everyone.
As an organisation we promise to not only give our members a voice and a platform but also a big window sticker and a badge.
Our motto "We Care So You Don't Have To" means that once you are part of SCA membership you can go through life safe and happy in the knowledge that no matter what happens we will be looking out for our best interests. Whether it is giving you a voice at our 3 month long winter conference in Florida or taking the platform for you at the all summer meetings in the Algarve, we do it all.
Sign over just 5% of your salary, or £5000, whichever is the greater, for full annual membership and you instantly have the right to wear the badge, display the window stickers and say that you are part of the Association, ensure that you are never left out again and JOIN NOW.
As an an association we negotiate, represent and demand on your behalf whenever matters affecting SCA members come to our attention.
Its important that you join, those who decide not to will be left out when the big happening happens, as everyone knows inclusion in the modern world is everything.
Membership is not limited to humans, contact us for information on our pet and deceased person membership rates.
Terms and conditions apply.
Membership is conditional upon contiuned payments.
The Association is not responsible.

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