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11 February, 2014

The Great British Carrier Bag Scam

I wrote about the governments obsession with plastic bags all the way back in 2008 (political sketch ) it seems that the politicians are still at it.
Interestingly the mega tides we had recently left hundreds of plastic bottles at the new high tide mark on the marshes but I couldn't see a single carrier bag, still the campaigners and government tell us that we need to pay for our bags to protect the sea life.

From next year we are all to pay for them no doubt putting people who work at carrier bag manufactures out of a job.
Another group of mad do gooders want the charge to apply to paper bags as well, and to all shops even when you pick up your takeaway and they put all those individial dishes into a bag for you.

It will start at 10p then probably go to 15p and before we know it be £1 a bag as the Government spouts piffle that the money raised is going to charity, as if any sane person believes that, or that charities actually do anyone any good except for the people running them.

Its a tax, its nothing else. Saving the planet by paying for a paper bag yet at the same time allowing the Royal Mail to fill everyones recycling sack with a ton of useless junk mail a week.
Have you ever seen an animal stuck in a paper bag? We have a group of politicians who in the main couldnt fight their way out of a wet one, but honestly someone inject some sense into this country and call a halt to this stupidity.

If some good is to be achieved then put a 50pence deposit on all plastic bottles and cans, that will achieve far more, in Canada they have a return value on all plastic bottles and drinks cans so even the tramps go around collecting them in shopping trolleys and you never see them littering the streets.

It will be fun in the supermarket when I decline to pay the carrier bag tax and start taking 4 items off of the belt at a time to the car, I think they will give me free bags then.

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