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28 February, 2008

Plastic Bags are Fantastic.

Here we go again, save the planet etc. etc., this time it is plastic bags.

A daily news paper is apparently trying to get all its readers to stop using plastic bags. I say apparently because I wouldn't read that "paper" if it was the only one available.
Like sheep the masses blindly follow the call to ban them, with M & S the latest to spot the advertising value by saying "oh look we are saving the planet we are going to charge for plastic bags" Please ! It seems funny that everything that will "save the planet" has to cost us more money.

It is not just because prime minister, Gordon Ill have an idea of my own one day Brown, is supporting this daft idea that I am against it, although lets face it being against anything he is in favour in is probably the best stance to take. It is actually because people are not thinking about this before they go baarrrrr and follow.

Plastic bags are excellent, they are strong, waterproof, light weight, and one other minor thing, they are made from a left over product of the oil industry. If you don't make something from ethylene you have to burn it off.
Plastic bags are better to produce than paper because they mainly need just electricity and the oil byproduct.
Paper bags need millions of gallons of water, bleaching agents and toxic chemicals, tons of wood that could be better off growing and absorbing CO2 and 4 times more energy than a plastic bag.
The real reason for this anti plastic bag movement is two fold, the main one being rubbish. No, I mean rubbish as in litter. We see plastic bags littering everywhere and so people are happy to say "yeah ban them". Not thinking that paper bags will look a messing still blowing all over the place.
The second reason is because people are told its the right thing to think and rather than actually think for themselves it is far easier to go baarr and follow the rest of the sheep.
So, when your supermarket of choice offers you a plastic carrier bag for 5p simply decline, ask the checkout operator to watch your shopping and take it 4 items at a time to your car. I bet you get some bags free.

15 February, 2008

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills' Divorce Hearing

And there was the judge in the court with Paul McCartney and Heather Mills trying to stay awake when after 5 days he turned to them and said
"Help! sorry but this is going Nowehere Man, Every Little Thing is being disputed and I know Baby Your a Rich Man but Ob-la-di Ob-la-da I have lost the will to go on.
I have taken more notes than a Paperback Writer but I Just Don't Understand what you want. You came here and said We Can Work It Out but quite honestly I have had enough of Searchin, Eight Days a Week. How Do You Do It, Im So Tired of What You're Doing you need to Think For Yourself otherwise I will still be hearing this case When I'm 64. There has been far Too Much Monkey Business over this.
Yesterday you said It Won't Be Long but now I’ve Got A Feeling, Things We Said Today will take us on another Long and Winding Road.
Although Its Getting Better, Do You Want to Know A Secret when I Saw Her Standing There I thought She's A Woman and She Loves You, so I have got to rule that you Let It Be. As All Things Must Pass , Please Please Me and GET OUT OF MY BLOODY COURT"

13 February, 2008

Carbon Offsetting

Here I go again on about Carbon Offsetting.
I made the mistake of thinking of going on holiday and while searching for the best prices to our chosen destination came upon one travel website which had "Carbon Offsetting charge £9.30 each way. Untick box if you do not wish to offset your flight carbon"
Well excuse me but didn't the beloved Gordon Brown double air tax as part of a green carbon type thingy.
No, sorry your right he is not beloved, hes just a twit. (substitute "i" for "a" if there are no children about)
Other airlines are actually selling carbon offsetting on the flights, going around selling you nothing for something in the region of £90 on some long haul in first class.
Its got to stop. Its a myth, it can not be changed.
Look its simple there was an ice age and the earth was pretty and covered in snow and ice and you could not see the mess at all.
But then it started to thaw and instead of being able to walk from France to Britain you had to catch a ferry, well dug out to start with until P & O saw a profit in it.
As the earth was one rather massive ice cube its taking a long time to thaw out and it is still doing it. That is why there is ice at the poles, and that is why it is melting.
It is nothing to do with me wanting to fly on holiday, paying £9.30 is about as likely to stop global warming as everyone holding their breath for a minute every Wednesday.

I should be careful with that though, no one in power realises we breathe out Carbon Dioxide, there could be million to be made from a breath tax.

09 February, 2008

Love is in the Air. - Lets hold hands

Isn't it wonderful spring is already in the air and its only February.
The birds are all chirping and the bulbs are in bloom. Everywhere love is abounding.
Take for instance as I walked through the town the other afternoon. Coming towards me were a young couple evidently in love walking along hand in hand. Ahhh.
As they approached they kept holding hands taking up the whole pavement and showing no intention of letting go of each other. At the last minute I had to step off the pavement onto the road so the love birds could continue to hold hands.
It struck me how often I have to do this. But why should I.

People walking along on their own are no less susceptible to injury from passing cars on the road than a couple out together, yet often people holding hands expect everyone else to move onto the road for them.

Next time this happens to you, look up, start twitching and shout "no no not again, no no no" . I bet you get the pavement!

08 February, 2008

Low Energy Light Bulbs

Something strange is happening in the world of lights, shops all over town are suddenly trying to out do each other with the cost of low energy light bulbs.
Not so long ago, when we moved into the new house and had to replace every bulb here I was paying £3 for a bulb, yesterday I was offered 3 for a pound.
This is tremendous news, well not for me I have already bought 15 at £3 each, but for everyone else its fantastic. There are some problems with the bulbs if you want a dimmable one it is still £9 each, normal low energy simply flash if you try to dim them, but otherwise they are great.
There is however just one other problem with low energy bulbs, someone has told the energy companies about them. Oh yes, they are not going to let you get away that lightly.
Is is a coincidence that at the same time as there is a drive to low energy bulbs saving you 20% on running costs that the power company has put up costs by 15% Ok, you say I am still saving 5% on what I was paying, well no actually all the electricity has gone up 15% not just that which we use in our lights.
Taking into account the power you use on other electrical equipment you can bet your bills will at least stay the same, or maybe increase.
I hope that sheds some light on it.

02 February, 2008

I warned you about Spaz Mobiles

Woman struck by mobility scooter

A mobility scooter driver left an elderly woman with a broken leg and wrist after a hit-and-run accident.
Audrey Lane, 84, from Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, was hit by the electric vehicle which drove off at less than 8mph.

Mrs Lane is being treated in hospital while CCTV footage is being used to try to trace the driver.

He could face assault charges, or even be charged with dangerous driving under the Road Traffic Act.
Mrs Lane's son, Daniel, 59, said: "My mother was standing with her shopping in the High Street, waiting to cross the road.

"The next thing she knew, she had been hit from behind by this man on a mobility scooter. She was in the middle of the road lying on the floor and her shopping bag was thrown half-way across the street.

"She remembers the incident clearly. He told her: 'I can't stop. I'm busy', then went off."

Inspector Les Pritchard said: "The information we have is that a fairly elderly lady was waiting to cross the road outside Somerfield in Tewkesbury High Street.

"As she was waiting, she was struck by a mobility scooter which then drove away."

01 February, 2008

Clap When I Tell You To

A few weeks ago I was standing minding my own business on the coast where I live watching the high tide gently lapping over the road when the peace was broken by a middle aged woman.
"Everybody this young man has just run a hundred miles for charity, give him a round of applause" at which point a lad looking to be in his early 20s appeared in running kit looking as though he had just walked out the changing room before doing any exercise.
As told people started clapping him but I stopped myself. How do I know he has done anything for charity, he had just appeared and this woman had shouted at everyone. He certainly had not run 100 miles that day, maybe he had run a mile a day once a week for 2 years, and anyway who is she to tell us to clap.
But we do it don't we, like trained seals we clap as soon as told to, "Ladies and gentlemen put your hand together" "lets have a great big round of applause for" " Didn't they do a lovely job lets give them all big clap".
How often have you stopped yourself and thought hold on, what is this I don't even like them why would I want to clap. We don't do we , we just follow the seal and clap because we are told.