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08 February, 2008

Low Energy Light Bulbs

Something strange is happening in the world of lights, shops all over town are suddenly trying to out do each other with the cost of low energy light bulbs.
Not so long ago, when we moved into the new house and had to replace every bulb here I was paying £3 for a bulb, yesterday I was offered 3 for a pound.
This is tremendous news, well not for me I have already bought 15 at £3 each, but for everyone else its fantastic. There are some problems with the bulbs if you want a dimmable one it is still £9 each, normal low energy simply flash if you try to dim them, but otherwise they are great.
There is however just one other problem with low energy bulbs, someone has told the energy companies about them. Oh yes, they are not going to let you get away that lightly.
Is is a coincidence that at the same time as there is a drive to low energy bulbs saving you 20% on running costs that the power company has put up costs by 15% Ok, you say I am still saving 5% on what I was paying, well no actually all the electricity has gone up 15% not just that which we use in our lights.
Taking into account the power you use on other electrical equipment you can bet your bills will at least stay the same, or maybe increase.
I hope that sheds some light on it.

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