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29 April, 2010

The thing about doctors is.......

I've been feeling a bit crock for a while so decided it was time to go see the doc and see if there is anything I can do to feel better.
The thing is though, if I wanted my car repaired I would ask people to recommend a good mechanic, likewise when I need any tradesman I get other peoples opinions before I trust them with my work, but doctors, I was just allocated this guy and to tell you the truth I am not impressed.

I had been seeing the same Dr. for years. he knew me as a person, we would chat about all sorts of unrelated things when he didn't have another patient to see and I trusted him completely to decide what I needed to do if something was wrong.

But the Dr. I have now, um, I don't have much faith in him.
Its not as if you can go in and ask to see his qualifications either is it, yes there is a notice on the door saying he has all these letters after his name, but has anyone ever asked, we are expected to take it as a given that he is a Dr, yet in the news we read about an on call Dr. who killed a patient on his first night.

I have to put my life in the hands of someone who I don't trust and to whom I am just the next 8 minutes.
I went to see another Dr. at the same practice once, never again, I was given a good telling off for not seeing the Dr I am registered with. Its rather worrying really.

Isn't the NHS wonderful!

28 April, 2010

Gordon and Mrs Duffy - They should never have put me with that woman!

The real Gordon Brown is revealed live.
The man who says one thing to your face then slags you off as soon as he walks away. Not only that but he is so stupid he forgets that he is wearing a radio mic. so the whole world gets to know what he really thinks.

There can surely be no sane person who wants to vote Labour after this episode on the election campaign.

Lets just hear that again shall we :-

Gordon later went to the home of the woman involved where he apparently apologised, although how you apologise for doing something deliberately I don't quite understand. He probably reminded her about Dr Kelly and what happens to people who embarrass labour PMs.

He then went on to say that "he was just letting off steam after a difficult conversation" well that is because he doesn't understand anything that the people of Britain tell him, otherwise he would have resigned years ago.
It was not much better that he further said that he misunderstood some of the words she used, maybe because when people say Gordon your a tw-t he hears, " Gordon your fantastic and everyone wants you to be PM forever".

The best thing is we get to know for sure that his meet the public walks are all staged, he only meets those who are set up for him to talk to.
No surprise there then.

27 April, 2010

Points from the News.

I have not done a points from the news recently because the news seems to be dominated by the children squabbling and as if it was necessary to prove that children is exactly what these political people are we hear to today that Peppa Pig was to attend an election event for the Labour Party. No really I am not making this up. The monster loony party had nothing on Gordon and his bunch of half-wits. Ms Pig has been withdrawn from the event I presume because he/she has more intelligence than most people in the Labour Party, and that is taking into account she/he is a cartoon and so does not actually exist. - so why i use he /she I have no idea.

Next I move swiftly on to someone who is very much real, although less useful than Peppa Pig. If you don't recognise the picture its Ed Balls, in case you missed it Ed was fined £60 and given 3 points for using his mobile while driving, quite right too, id disqualify anyone for doing that, the thing is he gave a statement saying he only took the handset out of the hands free so he could use it without waking his children on the back of the car.

Excellent Balls, what a good idea, don't wake them with a phone call, kill them with a crash when you lose control of the car. And people actually voted for this twit?

Ill finish this short entry with the news that I have become a victim of the volcanic ash, and not only me but my guests stopping over at the weekend will be too. Not only is the car covered in a thin layer, no its not sand don't run your finger through it you'll scratch the, oh OK too late, well not only do I have scratches on the car but even worse, there were no sugar-snap peas in the shop today, apparently because of the ash.
Still its OK I bought carrots instead, they will be fine. Won't they, Andy ?

21 April, 2010

Southern Electric 100% price increase

Imagine as I open the letter headed changes to our gas prices how I feel when I see on the front page that the "gas price for the average customer has gone down by 4%", well at last. But then my mood changes as I turn the page to the bit they hope you won't read.

F------- B------- you what! The standing charge has gone up by over 100%, yes that's not a typo it has increased from 13.36 to 26.85 pence per day. As you can imagine I am on the phone right away, this must be an error they must have made a mistake.

No, the lovely girl on the phone tells me that its true, its gone up over 100% because they were charging less than the other providers. Oh that's OK and here was me thinking it was another stitch up to make more money, 4% down 100% up.

I don't use Twitter or the like but I am sure I was told there is a way there to tell everyone of things like this amazing increase that they hope we don't spot.

Right next stop

Planes fly into the Volcanic Ash

The planes fly again, yipee if your wanting to fly, but it is not because the volcanic ash is no longer in the air, or because the experts have decided they were wrong but because the government has decided there is too much money to be lost keeping planes on the ground.
Remember the government always knows better than the experts as I have mentioned in several posts before.

But it is not all bad news, there is apparently a roaring trade at the car wash, where the Polish guys are making a tax free fortune washing the ash off cars.
We are also told that the volcanic ash will be good for our gardens, so that's a good thing isn't it. Although as its only money that has made the sky safe to fly in again it could be that the ash will help the plants but I am not too sure that a 747 hitting the veg patch will do the potatoes that much good.

20 April, 2010

Election 2010 - Does your vote count?

As politicians try desperately to find a way to divert the news from volcanic ash back to the election campaign the three leaders continue to act like 12 year olds in the school play ground and certainly don't inspire me too vote for any of them.

Gordon is sending coaches (well so he says) to collect people from their holidays, but only those who can prove they vote labour. Arrive at the coach stop in your track suit bottoms and your sure to be allowed on.

If we survive the ash and less likely the election campaigning you then have to remember that politicians are totally out for all they can get for themselves so what reason is there to believe that our votes are even counted.

No seriously, how do you know that the count is conducted correctly, how can you be sure that the guy standing up saying Labour 250 million votes, Conservative 1 vote is telling the truth and who makes sure those overseeing the counts are really impartial. Probably the same people who allowed every MP to own at least 2 homes and claim everything including the kitchen sink and duck house on expenses.

I would like to think I am wrong, but nothing is beyond Brown to hold on to power. If you believe Dr Kelly committed suicide you can believe that your vote is counted.

The rest of us will go on wondering, especially if Brown gets back in.

12 April, 2010

Proposed New Driving Licence System

Hot on the heals of cars that can parallel park themselves, for those who for some reason can't manage this simple driving procedure, is a new style driving licence.

The new licence includes a chip which stores your driver details and will be used to allow you to start your car.
New cars manufactured from next year will have a card reader on the dash which verifies that you are entitled to drive that type of vehicle. The system is also connected the the engine management of the car and to the internet by WiFi and the O2 phone network.

Cars will use the same senors that the self parking systems use to determine if there are vehicles ahead of you or if you are breaking unnecessarily before driving around every bend etc . From this information the computer will determine if you are driving at an appropriate speed for the road and if you are going too slow will sound an alarm. If you fail to increase your speed after the alarm the card reader will melt your licence and you are no longer entitled to drive.

There will also be the capability for some well qualified motorists to call into a central computer where they can type in the registration of anyone whom they feel are not driving in a competent manner and the system will then disable the licence of the driver from the moment the car is next parked.

The ability to remove poor drivers from the roads using this system is expected to result in as many as 95% of drivers being disqualified within the first 6 months of the system coming into use. A spokesman for friends of the earth said that the system was the first really positive move to reduce CO2.

Further information on the system can be found at

02 April, 2010

Mephedrone -The worlds most expensive plant food

I have spent the afternoon in the greenhouse planting seeds for this years veg patches and flower gardens. Then I sprinkled growmore on the strawberry patch before checking under the cloches to see if the sugar snaps are showing yet. All very relaxing. After that I came inside and decided to check the latest news.

To my horror there are moves a foot by government to ban plant food. Yipes where will I be without my growmore.

Phew! , it seems the only "plant food" they are going to ban is something called Mephedrone. Having never heard of it I decided to google it and now I see why its going to be banned. For a kilo of Growmore I think I pay about £3.50, but for a kilo of this mephedrone they want , wow, £4500. No no this is not right, the website which calls itself a plant food website sells the one plant food in quantities as small as 1 gram, costing for the 1gram £15. Hold on, you what, for the cost of a 10 kilo bucked of Growmore I get 1 gram of this plant food. It better be good.

I am sorry but there isn't a plant food on the planet worth £4500 a kilo but if you wish to buy it I suggest that you simply sent your name and address to P.O. Box 2, Springfield, Essex, CM2 6DA or, if you must, buy direct for £4500 a kilo try .

This could be a first, I actually agree with the government on something, things are looking bad.