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27 April, 2010

Points from the News.

I have not done a points from the news recently because the news seems to be dominated by the children squabbling and as if it was necessary to prove that children is exactly what these political people are we hear to today that Peppa Pig was to attend an election event for the Labour Party. No really I am not making this up. The monster loony party had nothing on Gordon and his bunch of half-wits. Ms Pig has been withdrawn from the event I presume because he/she has more intelligence than most people in the Labour Party, and that is taking into account she/he is a cartoon and so does not actually exist. - so why i use he /she I have no idea.

Next I move swiftly on to someone who is very much real, although less useful than Peppa Pig. If you don't recognise the picture its Ed Balls, in case you missed it Ed was fined £60 and given 3 points for using his mobile while driving, quite right too, id disqualify anyone for doing that, the thing is he gave a statement saying he only took the handset out of the hands free so he could use it without waking his children on the back of the car.

Excellent Balls, what a good idea, don't wake them with a phone call, kill them with a crash when you lose control of the car. And people actually voted for this twit?

Ill finish this short entry with the news that I have become a victim of the volcanic ash, and not only me but my guests stopping over at the weekend will be too. Not only is the car covered in a thin layer, no its not sand don't run your finger through it you'll scratch the, oh OK too late, well not only do I have scratches on the car but even worse, there were no sugar-snap peas in the shop today, apparently because of the ash.
Still its OK I bought carrots instead, they will be fine. Won't they, Andy ?

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