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02 April, 2010

Mephedrone -The worlds most expensive plant food

I have spent the afternoon in the greenhouse planting seeds for this years veg patches and flower gardens. Then I sprinkled growmore on the strawberry patch before checking under the cloches to see if the sugar snaps are showing yet. All very relaxing. After that I came inside and decided to check the latest news.

To my horror there are moves a foot by government to ban plant food. Yipes where will I be without my growmore.

Phew! , it seems the only "plant food" they are going to ban is something called Mephedrone. Having never heard of it I decided to google it and now I see why its going to be banned. For a kilo of Growmore I think I pay about £3.50, but for a kilo of this mephedrone they want , wow, £4500. No no this is not right, the website which calls itself a plant food website sells the one plant food in quantities as small as 1 gram, costing for the 1gram £15. Hold on, you what, for the cost of a 10 kilo bucked of Growmore I get 1 gram of this plant food. It better be good.

I am sorry but there isn't a plant food on the planet worth £4500 a kilo but if you wish to buy it I suggest that you simply sent your name and address to P.O. Box 2, Springfield, Essex, CM2 6DA or, if you must, buy direct for £4500 a kilo try .

This could be a first, I actually agree with the government on something, things are looking bad.

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