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28 April, 2010

Gordon and Mrs Duffy - They should never have put me with that woman!

The real Gordon Brown is revealed live.
The man who says one thing to your face then slags you off as soon as he walks away. Not only that but he is so stupid he forgets that he is wearing a radio mic. so the whole world gets to know what he really thinks.

There can surely be no sane person who wants to vote Labour after this episode on the election campaign.

Lets just hear that again shall we :-

Gordon later went to the home of the woman involved where he apparently apologised, although how you apologise for doing something deliberately I don't quite understand. He probably reminded her about Dr Kelly and what happens to people who embarrass labour PMs.

He then went on to say that "he was just letting off steam after a difficult conversation" well that is because he doesn't understand anything that the people of Britain tell him, otherwise he would have resigned years ago.
It was not much better that he further said that he misunderstood some of the words she used, maybe because when people say Gordon your a tw-t he hears, " Gordon your fantastic and everyone wants you to be PM forever".

The best thing is we get to know for sure that his meet the public walks are all staged, he only meets those who are set up for him to talk to.
No surprise there then.

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