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28 February, 2008

Plastic Bags are Fantastic.

Here we go again, save the planet etc. etc., this time it is plastic bags.

A daily news paper is apparently trying to get all its readers to stop using plastic bags. I say apparently because I wouldn't read that "paper" if it was the only one available.
Like sheep the masses blindly follow the call to ban them, with M & S the latest to spot the advertising value by saying "oh look we are saving the planet we are going to charge for plastic bags" Please ! It seems funny that everything that will "save the planet" has to cost us more money.

It is not just because prime minister, Gordon Ill have an idea of my own one day Brown, is supporting this daft idea that I am against it, although lets face it being against anything he is in favour in is probably the best stance to take. It is actually because people are not thinking about this before they go baarrrrr and follow.

Plastic bags are excellent, they are strong, waterproof, light weight, and one other minor thing, they are made from a left over product of the oil industry. If you don't make something from ethylene you have to burn it off.
Plastic bags are better to produce than paper because they mainly need just electricity and the oil byproduct.
Paper bags need millions of gallons of water, bleaching agents and toxic chemicals, tons of wood that could be better off growing and absorbing CO2 and 4 times more energy than a plastic bag.
The real reason for this anti plastic bag movement is two fold, the main one being rubbish. No, I mean rubbish as in litter. We see plastic bags littering everywhere and so people are happy to say "yeah ban them". Not thinking that paper bags will look a messing still blowing all over the place.
The second reason is because people are told its the right thing to think and rather than actually think for themselves it is far easier to go baarr and follow the rest of the sheep.
So, when your supermarket of choice offers you a plastic carrier bag for 5p simply decline, ask the checkout operator to watch your shopping and take it 4 items at a time to your car. I bet you get some bags free.

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