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14 February, 2014

Climate Change - The Mad Scientists Take Over

We all spot the nutter walking down the street, shouting at lamp posts or yelling that "the end of the world is nigh" or telling himself jokes and then laughing for ages.
But what about the other kind of nutter, the one who has gained respectability, the ones that people listen to and believed, whos opinions make the papers, tv and radio. I am talking about those people who become so obsessed with their own theories and research that they can never believe anyone else can be right. People who spend their whole life proving their theories are right, never considering another option, people who become scientists and PROFESSORS.
A strange title and more often than not the people who obtain it seem to go completely off the rails. There is the old saying "to learn more and more about less and less, until you know absolutely everything, about nothing", basically saying that as they study they lose perspective on the "wider picture" to use management speak.
We have a local retired guy here who still uses his title professor whenever he is spouting nonsence in the papers, retired means he is no longer a professor I believe, or am I missing something and should be using my old work title on the blog to give it more authority.
A professor on TV the other day looked like he hadn't had a wash in a year and never seen a razor and was so obviously living on planet Zob that I expected him to starts singing in a Spike Milligan voice. They are all completely gaga the only difference from the guy walking down the street laughing at himself is title Professor or scientist.
It's been a tad wet and windy in the UK of late and rather dry and hot in other places in the world, which according to various Professors means CLIMATE CHANGE, they don't call it global warming now because too many people though that would be rather nice in the UK.
No matter what other views there are in the world Climate Change is now real because the professors say so and not only is it real there is no doubt at all that its all caused by man.
Please at this point ignore the blindingly obvious fact that after the last ice age there were no industries pumping out CO2 or fields of beef cattle farting too much. Believe the Professors and mad scientists because they are right, they tell us so. Oh and if you don't agree you are a climate change skeptic or worse still denier.
It wouldn't be so bad if all these mad scientists were doing was costing us a bit in tax on all the GREEN and ECO nonsence that government tax us on but now we are in serious trouble.
This Is The Scary Bit
There are at least two schemes that are being considered and maybe even implemented (please god no) that should scare everyone.
Number 1 bad idea - To spray salt water high into the sky to make clouds and reduce global warming.
Number 2 bad idea - To spray week sulphuric acid high into the atmosphere.
So the acid rain we have already is that caused because they have started idea 2 ? and is all the extra rain in the UK because they have started idea 1?
Who knows, but if the mad scientists are allowed to risk totally destroying the world by playing with the weather then perhaps next time I see the mad guy in town I will give him a fiver and a friendly smile, because at least his can of extra strength larger won't destroy the planet.

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