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06 July, 2011

I'm Back!

Its been a while and so much has happened that has gone un-blogged so here I am.
I have loads of excuses that I won't go into Ill just press on with catching up, but where to start, maybe points from the news:-

Phone Hacking - AKA please grieve more!
Its all over the news and even government is going on about it, news papers have been hacking into phones. It seems that the most outrage is against people who hacked dead peoples phones and the news is delighting in headlines such as "relatives of ..... have been subjected to further anguish" etc.
Last night some news station sent a reporter to stand in the rain in Soham to harp on about phone hacking in 2002. Apparently all this is very distressing for the parents and relatives of the dead. Ok, easy question, why are they doing it.
What possible reason is there for police or reporters to contact people about something that happened 9yrs ago. The dead are still dead, the hacking had nothing to do with the murders. The same goes for the London bombing victims and the hacking of phones there, what is the point of investigating it and contacting relatives.
Its not news and I have to wonder why the police are spending so much time on it when they are supposed to be suffering from cutbacks and lack of manpower. Dealing with crime occurring now would be a better use of resources. NO ?

Gypsy Scum - Outside the law again?
Near Basildon in Essex UK there is a huge site that has been taken over by gypsy scum.
To keep the story short they are there illegally and the council want to move them on. The Scum have said people will die if they try to move them on and they are obviously in possession of illegal weapons and are setting up barricades of gas cylinders.
Why do I mention this, well because its going to cost tax payers over £10million to move them on when it occurs to me that we have an army for this and should not be using the police and council. One tank a flame thrower and a napalm strike, problem solved.
And that leaves I about £9million to be spent on something more useful.

Nuclear Power Stations
I live close to an old nuclear power station which will hopefully soon be re-built.
There is a group of local old gits running a group called BANNG (Bradwell against new nuclear group) which is headed by a self appointed expert on saving the world who will say anything to stop nuclear power and who must be spinning in their graves, oh sorry they just look dead, with the news that the government is going ahead with new nuclear power in the UK.
The thing is there is no cleaner cheaper or dare I say it greener form of electricity available. The tree hugging unwashed anti nuclear groups are now harping on about the Japan earthquake and the destruction of ohfukisdisintegrated power station, but seem to forget that Essex is not likely to have an earthquake that massive.

So before the lights go out lets hope the new stations are built and up and running, because I for one don't want to go back to living in dark unheated homes and living on stale bread.

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  1. Nice to have you back mate.I've missed your literary efforts.