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28 July, 2011

London 2012

Its a year to the London 2010 Olympics and for some reason this is something to celebrate. Really!
Am I the only person who can't understand the hype, the only person who wonders why a bunch of rich and famous get to throw themselves a "year to go" party at the tax payers expense and the only person who actually doesn't give a stuff who wins what at the world most expensive sports day.

You have to wonder how much the boss of the Olympic delivery authority is making from all this and how much the bloody "lord " Coe is stashing away.

The country is falling to bits, hospitals, school,the police, road, council services and everything else is being cut, yet the Olympics are "set in stone" and nothing is being spared to ensure they go ahead.

We have to remember that this is not for the good of the country, its for the glorification of a few huge ego rich people, and so certain drinks companies, fast food outlets etc can have sole rights and make a massive profit.One minute we are all told to save the planet the next we are going to have a massive gas flame burning for no reason continually for weeks.

Lets not forget that the Olympic people have also threatened to sue anyone who puts on an event with "2012" in the title, yes thats right they say that 2012 is now so connected with the Olympics that no one else must be allowed to use it to over-shadow them.

Still there is one thing left that might save the day, they are looking for an exciting way to light the Olympic torch. Maybe set light to Coe and make him run into the torch.

All those in favour.

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