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06 July, 2011

The Great Energy Stitch-Up

I received a letter from my energy supplier saying that my tariff ended and I am now transferred to their standard on-line tariff. Lucky me.
I immediately logged into my account and checked out what this means to the bills. After picking myself up off the floor I phoned Southern Electric.

According to customer services they can't introduce any new discount tariff similar to my last because there is a government inquiry into something. Yeah? really? sounds like a good govt we have here, helping the people as always. I questioned the ending of my tariff and what I would have to pay in future, oh good its just a mere increase of 65% on gas and 79% on electricity.

Hold on, I thought inflation was 4%, in the dream world of government statistics it is, but with one short letter our gas and electricity prices can sky rocket. That bloody Margaret Thatcher has so much to answer for.

Gas and Electricity prices are for some inexplicable reason linked to the price of oil. What about wind farms popping up all over the place providing "green" power, do they really use that much oil to lubricate it that it effects the price there too, it seems so.

Its obviously a profit scam and its amazing we all sit back and accept it.

I hit the www in search of a better deal, but without stretching this point too far there aren't any. Every price is the same no matter how they show it, and if you fix you don't gain, you just pay more to start with so that any saving on possible increases is wiped out. There is another problem in the UK, every rich Eco goodie goodie who sticks solar cells on his roof is costing the rest of us money, for every unit he generates we have to pay him 43 pence for the next 25yrs. even if he uses it himself. Fantastic, the rich get richer again.

A price that goes up with the price of oil (and never comes back down) and now takes into account the rising number of solar cell owners who want more and more money from the rest of us.

So basically we are screwed, change suppliers as much as you like and work your way through the multitude of plans available you will pay around the same amount over time and it will only go up!

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