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26 August, 2011

Sky Sports News - WHY ?

I was in a bar while taking a few days away and in front of me on a huge HDTV was Sky Sport news.
It was obvious that one of the presenters was not there because of her outstanding knowledge of sports but rather because of her outstanding......... well anyway.
Catching the odd bit of this non-stop sport news I go to wonder why, why is it on at all. OK, maybe your a great fan of football and support for example Booting-it Athletic FC, surely once you have seen that Booting won 5 nil against Overpaid Rangers why would you leave the TV on. Or perhaps you are a fan of football overall, how dull would you be, you might want to watch all the reports on football, then, oh its moved onto golf I'll switch off.

I find it hard to understand how anyone can talk for 4 hours about a 90min game so perhaps I am missing something but do you see what I am getting at here, how and why is Sky Sports news a news channel at all.

What next, how about SKY TRAIN SPOTTER NEWS.
A snippet from a program scrolling at the bottom of a page might go like this ..........
BREAKING NEWS ........ Loco XS3652 has returned to service today after 4 hours in the workshop where Ted Wrench fitted a new spiggot to the spinny bracket........... BREAKING NEWS ..... Anne Orack has become the first female driver to transfer from Notwork Rail to the French FST line, she said that she was looking forward.......... BREAKING NEWS............ The 08.15 from Fenchurch St has been delayed due to driver shortages or maybe a strike more to come as soon as we get it...... BREAKING NEWS ..... Sky Train Spotter news wins best train news program of 2011 with Vanessa (big points) De-sal being named as best presenter.........

And so it would go on, and on, like Sky Sport News I am sure there would be someone on the planet who would find the channel interesting, but to me Sky Sport News is like a circular rail track, Pointless!

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