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30 August, 2011

Control your Bloody Kids!

As I get older I get less tolerant and some things really, really, yes really, wind me up.

Misbehaved children are one of my big hates. Since I was forced to listen to one screaming for 23hours on a flight to Australia my tolerance for this noise is zero.

At the weekend we were sitting in a restaurant in an old barn when in came a family with a small child on a trike. They took the table beside ours, don't they bloody always, and the kid started ring....ring....ring.....ring on the bell on his trike.
Expecting the mother to say "don't do that" instead we get mother saying "ring, ring" encouraging the brat.
There are 30 people eating and we all have to listen to the bell ringing.
What is it about some parents, they are so selfish that no one matters other than their kid, everyone is expected to think their child is so fantastic it can do what the hell it likes. News flash - we don't !

There was an article some time ago where two people were having dinner at 10.30pm, it was being ruined by the constant crying of a baby. Eventually they asked the waiter to have a word with the parents and for his trouble the man got a wine bottle broken over his head and ended up in hospital.

We were in a posh restaurant once and these parents were letting their child scream so much that I called the waitress over and asked to delay our meal until they had left. Its just not acceptable, why are parents allowed to inflict their children on the rest of us.
If I were to stand by their table shouting and screaming or ringing a bike bell I think that after about 20 seconds they would tell me to shut up. Yet so many parents don't give a hoot what disturbance their kids cause or where and woe-betide anyone who dares to complain.

Take note selfish parents, I don't have kids and I certainly don't want to listen to yours.

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