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08 March, 2010

SPAM Email

For some reason my email spam in-box is being hit everyday with more and more rubbish trying to sell me drugs. It used to be just Viagra and grow your own penis type dross but now it seems to be more and more "buy prescription drugs", "24hr online pharmacy in Canada" and other things that I have no interest in.

What is the point of spam email, is there anyone who sees "Get a bigger penis in 7 days" and thinks yeah that must be real I will send for that. And as for "discount Viagra direct to you in 24hr" from Toxic and Poison Chemists Ltd. is anyone going to do anything other than hit delete.

What is the point of sending spam mails, who benefits, that's is a serious question, if you know the answer please hit the comment button.

Why can't spam be useful, image if you got "we deliver milk in 20 mins 24hr a day" or "run out of bread, call now", then maybe we would all be hitting "reply".

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