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26 March, 2010

The Glass Ceiling

Sometime this week there was a Business Woman of the year award, now if that isn't sexist I don't know what is, but it inevitably brought about comments on "the glass ceiling".

It seems that some women who can't get the promotions they want suddenly decide it is because of a glass ceiling and then go on and on about how they need to break through this ceiling. Typically having no regard for the devastation it will cause with shards of glass raining down upon everyone else as do this smashing.

Of course the glass ceiling exists only in the minds of the few who think they are better at their jobs than they actually are, and I recall a woman I used to work with going on about the glass ceiling, before she finally got promoted by accusing the boss of some kind of sexism and therefore getting promoted by foul means.

I am drifting from my point, the actual purpose of this entry to to say one thing. OK all you women who believe your are stuck under a glass ceiling, think of this.
One woman's ceiling is another mans floor. How long will it be once you get the other side of the glass that you start moaning that all the men below the glass ceiling keep looking up, through the glass, and commenting on the colour of your knickers.
Yea, you didn't think it through very well did you.

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