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11 January, 2011

Points from the News

Its been a while since I covered points from the news so I thought I would take a quick look at a few of the UK headlines at the moment.

Freaky Scarecrow expecting.
The biggest news of the week on one Channel is that Victoria Beckham is expecting, oh joy a whole article regarding the fact they have 3 boys and will they have a girl.
I am not alone in not giving a sod what she has but I had a fantastic laugh as she tried to do her usual stupid stand for the cameras, hopping sideways with her left leg stuck out and making a face that would sour the milk instantly. The woman looks like a freaky scarecrow. How does someone with so little talent get in the news. Oh that's right her husband can kick a football. Shame he cant string a sentence together though.

New Planet Discovered
More amazing news, scientists have discovered another planet.
Its apparently a bloody long way off and with temperatures of 1000 degC unlikely to have life on it but its been described as a significant discovery. Other than to show what planet Earth will look like when the sun eventually expands what possible use is this discovery.
Of course we only have their word that it exists, its too far away for anyone else but their telescope to see, and if you were facing funding cuts due to a recession you would want some startling news to announce too. Wouldn't you.

Undercover Cop gives evidence for the defence
A metropolitan police officer who had been working undercover for several years to infiltrate a load of lefty green twits has decided that although the tax payer paid his wages to make sure that people breaking the law were prosecuted he would side with the tree huggers and refuse to give evidence for the prosecution.
That's jolly good of him, I hope he still feels on side with the great unwashed when the Met take his salary back and cancel his pension.

Demand a Pay rise
One or other of the union people made a fair comment this week when he said people must demand their pay rises this year. His reasoning is that if the people who caused the financial melt down are still getting massive bonuses why the hell should anyone who's done nothing wrong suffer. He has a good point.
So when its time for you to have a pay review this year remember to tell your boss that if he doesn't give you at least 6% you will go and work abroad.
That should do it!

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