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08 January, 2011

NO ENTRY to National Forests

Its at times when the world is falling apart that it is nice to get away from it all, take a stroll along the beach or maybe go for a walk in one of England's forests. Ah yes the green and pleasant lands where you can forget the stress of everyday life.

If your idea of a relaxing time is to lose yourself in the forest with nothing but the trees and birds for company you might want to get out there quick. Our wonderful government is now selling off all the country's publicly owned forests. That's anything managed by the forestry commission I am told.

Its OK they tell us, although they are being sold off we will still have access to them, but we wont. One forest that included a visitors centre, car park and picnic area is now privately owned and the car park is gone the visitor centre shut and a steel fence stops all access.

Its good to know that the government stands to make £1.2billion from the sales of these forests, I am sure they will use it wisely, maybe bail out another bank so bonuses can be paid. Meanwhile the rest of us can enjoy the fact that we will no longer have to buy wellington boots for that walk in the forest.

Ironic when you consider their logo don't your think

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