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27 January, 2011

Has the Goverment already lost the plot?

It was never going to be good when Cameron got into power but for a few brief weeks we though that he would do what it takes to bring the country back from the brink, of course that hope is fading fast.

We should have know, I mean when raving mad Thatcher was in number 10 she sold most of the UK to the lowest bidder saying it was in the country's interest as she lined her pockets with millions, so why would we expect anything different from Cameron.

Today the news has been of brand new never flown aircraft being smashed up at the Governments direction. That's OK they only cost billions to build and millions to destroy what the hell.

Maybe there is no role for the Nimrod but even if that were true there must be a better way to use a plane, not smash it into scrap.

So far the list of achievements for Cameron is not looking good:-

Trying to sell off our forests.
Aircraft less aircraft carriers.
Smashed up new aircraft.
Trashing the NHS.
Destroying police forces.
Highest petrol prices on record.
Riots on the streets of London.
And on and on............

The final insult to injury however must go to Mervin King of the Bank of England as he delights in telling us that we can expect biggest squeeze on our finances for 80yrs.

Remember we are all in this together, well everyone other than politicians and bankers that is.

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