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16 January, 2011

Fuel discounts for remote areas

Sometimes the government has good ideas and implements things that not only help MPs but ordinary people too. Granted this doesn't happen very often.
I mean if they were serious that "we are all in this together" why is it that 2000 people in one council are losing their jobs but you don't hear of any MPs being declared redundant.

I digress again. The latest great idea to help the common folk being muttered about is the idea of a discounted petrol scheme for people in places like "the Scottish Highlands, parts of Wales, Northern Ireland and parts of England".
The idea is to help reduce the "burden of fuel costs for people in remote areas". That's nice for them isn't it. They deserve a break don't they, I mean all that countryside, peace and quite they have to put up with, they have a bad time don't they.

No wait, what the hell, how come people will be given a discount just because they happen to live in a nice quiet rural location. How will this work. Does Mr Rich get a nice discount so he can fill his 18mpg Range Rover at half the price I have to pay to fill my 40mpg Ford.

This must be one of the most crackpot schemes since the last crackpot idea they came up with, which was probably selling off the National Forests.

I am sure this will be done in such a way that the oil companies don't lose out, 20p a litre increase for the rest of us should safeguard profits.

Oh, and I have just declare my house a remote location.

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