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16 January, 2011

Don't Buy a Ford Fiesta!

There was a time when Ford Motor Company made good cars, back in the days of the Cortina and the Mk1 and 2 Escorts. That was the time when a car drove towards and I could tell you what it was before I read the badge. Now so many are morphing into a standard shape it gets hard to tell them apart.

I used to like Ford cars, I had three different Escorts, including my boy racer red XR3i (for 13yrs) before I got tempted away with a couple of Vauxhalls.

Then 3 years ago when we needed to have two cars we got a Fiesta.
All was fine until 2weeks ago when as the other half drove out of the garage and off down the road I saw two puddles of red liquid on the garage floor. Dashing inside I grabbed the mobile and issued an immediate recall to base.

Upon closer inspection my fears worsened, I realised the liquid was viscous and obviously hydraulic fluid. Argh!!!

This is where the bad news began. Apparently Ford know that the steering racks on Fiestas are crap but lucky for them they mostly fail after warranty so they can tell customers to get lost.
Our Fiesta is 3yrs 6months old, the going rate to replace the defective rack is anything between £700 and £1300. Deep joy.

Not wanting to get stitched up by a main agent I got the AA to tow me or rather the car to a local garage. After various problems the new steering rack is fitted but here again Ford get another laugh.

Let me digress a few moments. I am buying my other half a new Laptop which was assembled in China Thursday was at Shanghai yesterday and will be here tomorrow.

Back to the car. Everything is in place and all that is needed is two small rubber O'rings from Ford. But wait, they know these steering racks fail, they know people have to replace them but they can't get the mechanic two O'rings in under 2 weeks.

Thanks a bloody lot Ford Motor Company, even if I did like the look of any of you current models rest assured I won't be buying any from you any more.

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