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31 December, 2010

Happy New Year. Whatever!

Here we are again, December 31st and everyone is at it with the "happy new year".
The best are those who are sending text messages with "happy new year I thought I would send it early before the networks get busy". WHY?

How long ago was it that the networks last got jammed with texts on a new years eve anyway and why do you have to send it at exactly midnight or before, does the New Year only last for a microsecond and if you have not sent it by then you cant wish someone a happy new year ever. Come to think of it what is the point of wishing everyone you meet a happy new year.

Its just another day, as I have said before, so why all the hype, I don't understand, I wish I did. As if there wasn't enough over-hyping going on over the one day of Christmas.
People wish me a happy new year, thanks, but what does that mean. How many of us will be happy for the entire 2011 and I can bet already that there will be plenty of days that I will be far from happy with one thing or another. My unhappiness will probably start at midnight when as I try to sleep loads of idiots with money to burn start letting off fireworks. Why, what really is the point.

I'm sure Victor Meldrew would say something like "happy bloody new year, do they know what problem I have and they expect me to be happy, oh for goodness sake".
After all it was him who said "I wonder whats the point of living, it doesn't seem to get you anywhere". He had a point.

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