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01 November, 2011

NHS Review site - Only the Good Stuff!

I visited my doctors the other day, its a long story but I wasn't unwell I needed a form signed.
The trouble is that the doctor I am registered with is a prat. No seriously, he is useless. I found out that he "qualified" in Iraq, so that's more than a little worrying to start with. Well that together with all the local accounts of him sending someone home after a stroke saying take aspirin and completely mis-diagnosing a boy with leukemia and failing to find my father had a heart attack 15yrs ago and not astma. Good one doc!

He wouldn't sign the form without doing some pointless tests which resulted in a weeks wait followed by a trip to see the nurse.

Oh good the nurse, well she calls herself a nurse but to be honest on the two occasions she has seen me she has told me completely wrong medical information as if it were fact. This time I dared to question her to be given a "I don't know who told you that!" . Well actually its any medical book you care to pick up and read.

This is all very scary, doctors who are useless and nurses who are wrong.

I decided the best thing to do was post an entry on the NHS Choices site where you can review your GP. So I did. But oh look, its been removed because it might be "defamatory".

So there you have it, post a good review it will be posted, write a bad one and it will be rejected.
Its good to know you can make an informed choice from their website isn't it!

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