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29 November, 2011

I Think I Speak for Everyone !

Where I live there are two types of people, those who live here and those who think we shouldn't.
Some people truly believe that because their grandparents lived around here they are the only ones who have any rights or any say on anything that is done in the local area.
There are many who if given their way would still be living in a mud hut and cooking on a fire in the middle of the room so opposed to change are they.
None of them realise that given their hatred of all things change they would have died before they were 30 of plague or some other disease long past.

One of the long running moans of the "old local folk" is about the building of a great  new restaurant on the Coast Road. There used to be a rotting fallen down shack that had not been used for decades and someone decided to build a fantastic new building in its place. The moaners have been on about it since first planning application and done everything they can to prevent this new "monstrosity" replacing their  "historic" fallen down building.

I seem to have digressed, its time I got to the purpose of this entry. Why is it that when the old gits write to the papers with their complaint about this great new building they feel they have a right to speak for me and everyone else.
Every other letter of complaint contains the phrase "I know I speak for everyone when I say" or " I know everyone will agree with me when I" . No!  I don't remember you asking my opinion therefore you don't speak for me, you don't even think the same as me if you believe leaving a town to fall apart just because YOU don't like change is a good plan.

You only know you speak for everyone if you have asked everyone for their opinion and they all agree with you.
The chances of anyone ever being able to use this phrase are zero considering the need to ask 7billion people.


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