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14 November, 2011

London 2012 - Only the participants matter!

It gets better, the Olympics I mean. Its the only thing that matters in 2012. From roads that will be only for those participating to commuters being told to expect 2hour delays if they want a train, and should in any case change their working hours because services will give priority to those going to the Olympics.
Well that's great isn't it, unless of course you want to go to work and keep the country going and don't particularly want to work nights for 4 weeks.

Even the tourist industry has said that it has seen hotel booking down 90% as people try to avoid the chaos, and still Screaming Lord (help us) Coe wants more athletics in 2017 as well.

Aside from the obvious scams meaning you can only buy the sponsors drinks and to stop you taking in your own food or  drink the best think I have heard about the Olympics has to be from the secretary for defence. He has said that "surface to air missiles" will be deployed at the Olympics if necessary. This in reply to "concerns" from, yes you guessed it, those paranoid Americans.

You have to think about this for a moment to realise what an amazing thing has been said here. If necessary the secretary of defence will deploy a missile to blow up something that was threatening the Olympic games. Just where exactly does he think the debris from the resulting explosion(s) will come down?  Oh it doesn't matter it will only be on the people of London, probably killing hundreds and destroying property and homes, but they are not part of the games so who cares.

The other option is to tell the Americans that we don't actually want them here in any case and if they do come we certainly aren't deploying missiles over London to please them!  Oh and ask the secretary for defence to resign immediately.

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