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30 November, 2011

Military Wives Choir - Wherever You Are

I know its a bunch of bored house wives who have nothing better to do while they wait for their husbands to return home but why inflict the pain of this awful song on the rest of us.
We have a serious case of the Emperors’ new clothes with this one, Chris Evans says he likes it (he has to he is on the BBC) and so suddenly everyone likes it and says it should be Christmas number one.

What makes it to the Christmas number one slot is so utterly unimportant that it might as well be the number one, but who really cares.

The worst part is the terrible just slightly off-key soloist who is screeching over everything. She sings like a bus braking with worn out brake pads. No, sorry I am wrong, its not just the soloist its all of them, just off key enough to be so terribly bad it hurts, no really it actually hurts, it makes every nerve in my body cringe.
And remember as they sing the words "My Prince of Peace" to imagine the rocket launchers, tanks, grenades, guns etc they are deploying. Peace?
No stop it, don't give me the "its for charity and their husbands are off fighting a war for you" rubbish, that is no excuse to subject me to that terrible noise.

Be number one for Christmas if you like but please everyone be like Chris Evans and warn me when you are going to play it so I can turn the radio off.
There is an upside to everything, play this noise to any enemy and victory is certain, well surrender anyway!

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