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23 January, 2012

Thanks for the plant ! How lovely.......

I open the door and there they are, "Its great to see you, come in"  But what is this, they have a large black pot containing a .....
"They had these reduced at the garden centre and we thought one would look lovely in a pot growing up an obelisk on your decking"
Oh did you.... "Oh how lovely, thank you so much! ...... so where is the pot and obelisk then. "I'll just put in out on the patio" .... not sure I wanted a muddy pot on the worktop where I am about to prepare your dinner.
As I put it on the patio I am already thinking sod them why not just bring chocolates or wine!

You think me ungrateful don't you, that's OK, let me explain something then you might change your mind.

Two weeks later, the pot containing the Might-flower-for-a-day-in-july-opsis is still on the patio so its time to take action. Strangely there isn't an empty pot with a spare obelisk anywhere to be found in the garden so its off to the garden centre.
First £4 gone just in petrol.
At the garden centre yipee they have a pot sale, don't they always wonder why that is, and after 10 minutes of deciding I have a suitable pot, fantastic its reduced from £Stupidamount to just £19.99.
Now I need some form of structure for the plant to climb up. A mix of flimsy canes or metal, looking at the canes I better get metal and one that fits the pot and doesn't look like it will rust away in the first drizzle is a mere £15.99.
Great nearly there, just a bag of compost now £4.99

So that's a grand total of  £44.97 and oh look there are the plants they bought me, reduced to £7.99.
Now you still want to  tell me I am being ungrateful?

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