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23 January, 2012

The rich continue to screw us .....

I have blogged about solar panels before but they continue to annoy me as more and more of them are going up. Every time I see one I realise that's another increase in my electricity bill for at least 25yrs and there is the other side to them, they look really ugly.

Look at the picture above of a local house, there is nothing attractive about the one on the right it just looks a mess. And its not as if people fitting all these panels are going to ensure we all have electricity in the future is it, I mean when do people need electricity most, yep that's right at night.

All this is bad enough but the latest thing that is really annoying is the super rich who are putting hundreds of these things in spare fields.
A friend said to me the other day that one of their friends is now earning "£25,000" a year from the government for the power from his cells in a spare field". NO!  Its not from the government mate its from the rest of us consumers who are at the moment paying £1each a month to these people and at this rate it will be paying £20.

The government, seeing that there will be a problem if this continues, tried to change the 43p a unit that people are given to a more sensible level but all their  rich mates are jumping up and down saying it will cause job losses if people don't get to make a stonking profit from their cells.

Even the super rich Deborah  Meaden intends to cash in on it and is also complaining that the government needs to leave the tariff at the unrealistic level.

It seems that not content with being rich some people who are not lucky enough to be bankers so they screw the country directly are now happy to screw each and every one of us under the disguise of being "green".

May the rich get richer and the rest of us pay, nothing new there then.

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