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20 January, 2012

Keeping Records!

I was sat/sitting in the sauna at the gym the other day where two people were talking, they obviously worked at the same place and I got the impression that the man was the woman's boss. Um, don't go there with that thought.

The point was the conversation was brilliant and went something roughly like this :-

Woman - Well I always input the figures for the target predictions and end of month figures
Man - Yes
Woman - Evon (can't remember the actual name so that will do) never keeps them but I always think its best to keep them all and update the zepha-blinkin-hell-wot-not-thing chart every week I think thats best don't you agree.
Man - yes
Woman - I also keep the fiddled-made-up-data too, I know the computer doesn't want it but I've always kept it, its easy enough to keep a note of them after all, and well if they are written down then if anyone should ask I have them.
Man- yes
Woman - I think its best, Evon never keeps that so I think that even though the computer doesn't ask for it its best to have it, don't you. I often wonder why the computer doesn't ask for them, its something I would have thought it would want.
Man - yes
Woman - well sometimes when we get the figures back they don't tally straight away but then if I have the others recorded then if anyone wants them they are there aren't they.
Man - Yes

And so it went on. I so really wanted the man to stop saying "yes" and to say something like this :-

So you keep a load of unnecessary figures do you, whats the point of that.
Have you ever been asked for them, no, and do you know why they are not stored on the computer, yes thats right because someone decided they were not needed, but your keeping them anyway, plonker.
Oh and the Computer doesn't ask for anything, its a computer you input what we the managers have had the computer set up to record.
And why are you so belittling of Evon.
For goodness sake when I brought you to this spar for the afternoon I was just after a shag, stop boring me to death with work.

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