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05 October, 2010

Child Benefit - Don't get me started !

Since the general election we have found out just how brilliant at maths and book keeping the Labour government were and come to realise that they were, how shall I put it, pretty crap at it actually.

The UK is completely broke and in order to fix these problems we have a multi-millionaire telling us that we are in this together and there will be pain but he and his band of merry men are set to take from the rich and give to the poor. Or was that take from the rich and give to the very rich, I'm not sure.

Measures are being taken to cook the books for the next 4 years and the latest I have to say is one of the most sensible. People who earn over £44k a year don't get child allowance.
Yep Ill go along with that one, in fact why does anyone get child allowance anyway. The world is overpopulated so I would go as far as to say do anything possible to dissuade people from having unnecessary children. Oh and stop IVF for a start.

As expected, the same women who were ranting "how dare people without children park in the bays near the shop entrance" and who jump in their 10 plate 4x4's and people carriers to take Chavney to school 200yds away now think its unfair to stop child allowance.
Some drongo mum of who knows how many is going to start a campaign to march against it. Don't worry, when she realises there isn't anywhere to park the Discovery near Westminster it will result in a petition instead.

But my point is this, you want kids you darn well pay for them. If you cant pay for them don't have them. That's simple!

The other option is this, I rather fancy buying myself a new motorbike, its my right to have one and its my decision so I would like a government grant of £300 a week to run it please.
Now you think I'm being stupid don't you, but why is it any more stupid than thinking the state should pay for people to have children.
As a tax payer I am already paying for schools where they misbehave and play areas and parks that they smash up and litter.

There is only one problem with the plan to stop child allowance, its not happening until 2013.

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