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12 October, 2010

University Fees

The government has decided that students should pay more for university courses and the usual suspect are complaining its not fair. Didn't anyone tell them life isn't fair.

But why does everyone expect to go to university, what is the point of a degree in stamp collecting, media studies, drama or some other useless topic when often all they do afterwards is stack shelves in Tesco.

A degree is only worth having if its relevant or necessary to your work and then sometimes that's debatable.

A woman on the radio was complaining that with her son at Oxford and her daughter wanting to go to Cambridge they will find it hard. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.
The son, by-the-way, is 19 and studying history but doesn't know what he wants to do "when he gets his degree". So its a given that he will get the degree then is it.
But hold on he doesn't know what he wants to do so how did he decide to study history and why bother.

University is now an excuse for not finding a job when you leave school and for many the money they spend together with the money they don't earn while there will never be recouped.
For example if you have a £20k debt after uni and could have earned £36k in those 3 years that's £56k your down before you even start (I worked that out without a degree).

All moaning parents stop it, you don't have to send them to university if you cant afford it, millions of us never went and still manage to own our own homes and all the other material trappings of the 21st century.

In years to come when they are asked "which university did you go to " they can reply, "the university of life".

Cambridge university is a great place with some fantastic buildings but you only need to go for the day, not 3 years. And when you go make sure you walk on the lawns, the sight of men in bowler hats running after you shouting get off is just brilliant.
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