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30 August, 2009

Stop the broadband pirates. Yeah OK.

The twit now running the country, lord Meddlesome, (yes he is) has decided to do something about pirates. Obviously he won't be given a huge sum of money by the industry to do this will he, and he insists he is doing what is right.

The pirates he is launching an attack upon are those who download music off of the internet without paying for it. He has the solution, block the broadband access of anyone who continues to download after being told off.

A big problem Meddlingson has overlooked, not everyone in the UK lives on their own and has a dedicated broadband connection that only they use.
Perhaps a family of four with son and daughter still at home share the broadband. Both the "children" are over 18 and the son is downloading loads of music, dad has asked him to stop but he wont. So along comes Meddlinggit and cuts off the whole family.

Problem solved, well for an hour while the son goes out and buys a pay as you go dongle.
The same will no doubt happen with anyone who is cut off of a landline broadband, they will head to the shop and buy a wireless one.

So how will the great clean up proposed by Meddlingtwit work. Probably the same way as everything done by the labour government, hype and headlines but no real action.
It was revealed this week that one in 5 young people are driving on the road uninsured and don't care about being caught so will the risk of having to go wireless on the web really deter anyone.

You do have to wonder why his priority is preserving the profits of the music industry. Don't you?

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