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02 August, 2009

Points from the news.

Fear will be spreading in the corridors of Westminster again as the Swine flu pandemic loses its front page appeal MP's can become targets once more. Some of the things coming out of that place are positively insane.
One of the latest crackpot ideas is to send graduates on glorified holidays at taxpayers expense, these "gap years" will, they say, help the graduates become more employable and complete holes in their CVs. The sceptics in the country, count me in, see it as a way of keeping them off the dole figures which are already heading skyward. Still at least a lot of young people who have spent the last 4 yrs pissed out out of their heads won't have to worry about sobering up for at another year. I just wish I was "under 24" the criteria for joining this new government holiday scheme.

Moving rapidly on, people in fuel poverty can look forward to a nice government hand out, with new heating systems and environmental projects set to be paid for for them. I wonder if these poor people in fuel poverty are the same ones I see, unwashed t-shirts covering huge beer guts, as they queue for "40 B & H please luv" as I pay for my paper. Has no one told them that £40 a week is £160 a month on cigs, far more than I pay on gas an electricity even in the coldest winters. Fuel poverty, yeah right, these people need a lesson on money management not a government hand out.

And so to the final point in this instalment of ramblings, the next prime minister of the UK David Cameron, who as I am sure you will have also read, dropped himself into some trouble on the radio recently, while talking about Twitter he said "too much Twitter makes you a twat". Seems a quite reasonable comment to me and in actual fact the regulators had not received a single complaint by the time I read about it. David, presumably at the suggestion of his advisers decided to apologise, which simply highlighted the problem in my view, but here is my point, if David has to say sorry for saying twat, shouldn't Gordon say sorry for being one.

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