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18 August, 2009

Don't take the piss!

While in a certain DIY store, oh what the heck I'll name it and hope they are not as childish as Carpetright staff, while in Homebase today I needed to take a pee so sought out the customer lav.
The men's had an "out of order" sign on the door so I reached for the handle of the disabled to hear the little lady who was mopping the corridor yell at me "that's disabled people only".

Yipes, I didn't realise that cleaners doubled up as the toilet police these days. I turned and replied to her. "you are joking aren't you, the men's is out of order so what do you expect me to do" , "Sainsburys is across the road", was her amazing reply. "yes and I am shopping here" .
If it was not for the fact that the lady was obviously a cleaner because a lot of other occupations would have been beyond her capability, I could have happily engaged her in a discussion on how much disabled one has to be to use a homebase disabled toilet, is a slight limp enough, or do you have to have lost a leg maybe, do you have to be in a wheelchair or would they accept crutches. Still as I was, how shall I say, not predisposed to talking too long before I used the facilities I didn't engage her any more than necessary.

"Well as long as I leave them clean does is really matter what toilet I use" , "are you really busting" she asked, one question too far so I opened the disabled and did the necessary.
To have left it clean would have required a few bottles of bleach and a sponge so I left it as I found it.

The cleaners attitude may have scared off other people, who would no doubt have been rushing away to "sainsburys" or the nearest bush, but it raises an interesting issue. Just because some one does not look disabled why has she the right to decide they should not be allowed to use a disabled toilet. There are many conditions where a person might wish to use a disabled toilet simply because there is access to a secluded wash basin, no don't worry I am not about to go into more detail.

Still next time I am in Homebase and need to take a pee maybe I should pop upstairs, they have a whole selection of toilets in the bathroom department.

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