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12 August, 2009


Apparently police and child protection agencies are "increasingly concerned" about the number of children who are sexting. What the heck is sexting, well its when you send a mobile phone naked picture or video of yourself, or an intimate part of yourself, to someone. Some survey or another has found that 1 in 4 11 to 18 year olds has received a sext. Um, did I lead a sheltered life, was it just me or when we were kids didn't we just swap picture cards of cars, planes, sportsmen etc.

The article I read went on at length about how the child online exploit agency and the police are worrying, doing this or that, warning, protecting and generally fussing.
Something occurred to me, there was no mention of parents responsibility.
If you have an 11 year old child, and for some obscure reason buy him or her a mobile phone with the capability to send and receive pictures, (why would you) wouldn't you keep an eye on what they are doing, wouldn't you check who they are texting, who they are phoning and especially who they are sending pictures or videos to. And if you don't take just that small bit of interest in your child shouldn't the child protection agency be asking you questions pronto.

I maybe behind the times, I realise that soon a mobile phone will be seen as an acceptable christening gift as long as it is the latest model so perhaps I should chill out a bit on matters such as these.

In fact, yes to show that I can be modern and liberal in my thinking I will join in with all the young people of the world but I will go one step further, instead of a picture of me without any clothes on, here is a picture of my clothes without any me. Enjoy!

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