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27 January, 2014

Take these drugs Kids - Don't take drugs kids!

Millions of pounds are spent on educating children with "SAY NO TO DRUGS" "HUGS ARE BETTER THAN DRUGS" and various other reasonably pointless slogans that make police and teachers feel they have done something to dissuade them from trying things like cannabis or cocaine.

Then in a supermarket the other day walking past the dispensary I overheard a man with a very small child telling the pharmacist that the child had some ailment and that he had given him this drug but thought he needed that drug and the pharmacist was asking has he tried something else, I realised its a pretty mixed message children are receiving.

But it is what people do these days, as soon as little Jonny has the slightest perceived ailment its off to the chemist or worse to a G.P. to get a drug that will in their mind cure the problem. Never a thought that left alone the child will get better naturally.


The reason they do this .......our good friends in advertising.


Drug companies produce ads for "gentle medicines" "safe for children" and sell drugs for the baby from age 1day. There is something to give them for everything from nappy rash or crying too softly or because mum thinks the child is too hot or too cold, or maybe just a little pill to make them sleep while parents go off down the tapas bar with friends every night. Its usually in nice packages that say hey look give your child this it's perfectly safe we gave a mouse 300 doses and it only died once!


Doctors prescribe no end of antibiotics to children for the slightest ailment ignoring the evidence that many of these drugs don't cure much of what they are given for and also destroy the child's natural ability to fight off viruses and bugs, sometimes for the rest of their lives.


So remember kids SAY NO TO DRUGS, unless they are given to you by a man (or woman) wearing an unnecessary white coat, in which case remember to take the entire course because if you don't your natural ability to recover from illness might just still be with you as an adult !





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