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30 March, 2009

Jacqui Smith - It's OK to Lie and Steal

The latest Jacqui Smith debacle says it all about the way our country is being run, or not run, by this government. Not only does Smith fiddle her expenses but the prime minister says "its a personal matter".

No Gordon, it is not a personal matter, anyone else in the country would lose their job for fiddling expenses claims. If this attitude is alright for the home secretary then where does it stop, oops I am sorry I got caught nicking from Debenhams, here ill pay now its not theft.

Yet again she is claiming for something that everyone else has to pay for from their normal wages, an internet package for goodness sake, just part of the £157,000 of expenses she has been paid. Is there anything that an MP actually pays for from their basic salary.

It highlights just how stupid Smith is in that she doesn't even know how much she usually pays for her internet, if she did she would have know not to claim for the movies.

Her husband can't be all the ticket either, they have an internet package yet he is still paying for his porn, oh but that's OK because its on expenses, isn't it.

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